Sunday, March 26, 2017

The President Cup

Dear readers

The President Cup was played yesterday at Armadale Badminton Courts. The Cup is usually the final tournament before the players leave Perth for the Nationals. Players are selected by the President to challenge the WA team.

I cannot see all the names of the volunteers  that formed the President's teams. Yes, there were 2 teams. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Thanks to all the volunteers.

President Lily Buttrose is to be thanked for taking time away from her family to be involved in the President's Cup. Also Trevor for helping run the tournament.

Of course, the parents have to be thanked by their children for helping them throughout this experience.

I believe the WA state team fought valiantly but had to concede to both President's team. This will be a good experience for the state team. They are playing under the usual conditions in the nationals. 2 matches a day usually. That is why it will take a toll on their bodies. Good luck to them.

The players have to learn that every point counts.

Here are the photos.

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