Saturday, December 8, 2012

Return from Singapore after the Internationals

Dear readers

I have just returned from Singapore after bringing Jaz, Tyz and Xiang to the Li Ning Singapore International. The boys did well despite fighting against well trained opponents. Amos doubled with Jaz while Xiang doubled with Tyz. The competition was tough but our players gave their best. Have a look at 
for all the scoops.

Upon my return, I have been told that the Under 17s team has been formed. One of the Teoh sons have been selected together with Amos, Titus, Tyz, and Edward.

The girls are Phing, Silvi, Alex, Serena and Julia.

We wish them good luck in their pursuit of team and individual glory.

Funding remains an issue and Kay will have to work hard to assist the team.

No news yet as to who is the umpire.

For me, I am happy to support the team from the side. Good night.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The 2013 WA Under 17s Team blog

Dear friends, readers and supporters

Welcome, welcome to the 2012 blog for the WA Under 17s team. Yes, it is starting again, the blogging, the driving around of the players, the politics etc etc.

As my readers are aware, I have just finished off on the WA Under 15s Team blog. I am in fact waiting for a parent to take over the blog as Tyzton is now too old to play in the Under 15s.

Is there any one out there who will take up the challenge?

In the meantime, I am back at the Under 17s blog. This year, the team is going to Victoria. I am, unfortunately, staying in Perth and not following the team to Victoria. I wonder how the blog will progress when the competition starts in Victoria. One step at at time.

Right now, the stressor is the forming of the team. The team has yet to be selected. However, there are great prospects including some new players trying out for their first state team.

The Teoh brothers and their supportive father have been very keen to prove themselves. They have both never been in the State team before and are coming to grips with what is needed to make the team and what they have to give. They have to give their all, as playing for WA is an honour.

Owen and Jia Ren are also trying out for the boy's side. I wish them all the best and I am sure they will give their all.

Julia and Serena are also trying out for their first WA State team. Julia has not been playing for a year since her debut in the Under 15s Regional competition. Serena has only been playing for less than 1 year but has determination and courage.

Both girls are keen to prove themselves.

For me, it was dejavu. All the training again. Luckily we have our wonderful YuLi, the coach who feels like a mother to the players.  She will I am sure bring out the best in all of them. Do I need to remind everyone that she was a world class champion.

We also have the organised and no nonsense Kay Terry as the manager.

Kay, who was an Australian Champion and a Member of the British Empire. Not to be messed with and to be totally respected.

I asked Kay the other day if she had reviewed her interview after the last Under 17s where she stated she may not get involved again. Here she is again and thank god for that.

Who is going to be the umpire? Is it going to be Annie? Who knows. For the moment, Annie and I are just turning up as interested parents.

The team has yet to be selected. I am sure funding will again be an issue. Kay has the matter under control, I am sure.

Good night.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The final blog for the 2012 Under 17's

The 2012 WA Under 17s state team   

Dear friends and readers

It is good to be back home and back to work.

I managed to get one of my staff to edit the videos as they were too long to upload.

This is therefore the final report on the blog. All videos have been uploaded including the videos of the boys being interviewed at my home before the competition.

Kay’s interview at the end of the team event has also been uploaded.

The final interview at the end of the competition and the thanks to the coach and manager has also been uploaded.
New photos have been uploaded.

This gives a complete blog of the Under 17 competition. The players will always have this blog as a memento of their adventure and their experience.

It has been a tough few weeks watching the kids play and win or lose. All emotions were experienced. I lost my voice after the first day.  Will I do it again. Why not. See you guys at the next Under 15s competition.

Raymond Tan

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last night with the team

The last night of the team being together was quite special. The players were brought to a golf putting course where they also had nibbles. The parents went to have dinner at Blue Skies which is quite a good restaurant at the wharf.

Dinner was good as we managed to sit with Geraldine Brown, president of Badminton Australia and Lasse Bundgard, Australia's head coach. I was able to question them about the state of badminton and the difference between the different states in terms of funding and training. Suffice to say that WA is disadvantaged because Victoria has been selected as the main location for training.

Judy , our BAWA president was also at the table and she was most complimentary of how the players had performed.

 At the end of dinner, I went to pick up the players. There were tears all over as the players were saying good bye to each other. One of the most tear affected was Janet Son. 

When we returned to the hostel, the players surprised the coach and manager with some presents they had picked up at Salamanca markets. They were given wood carved roller pens bought specially by the players. Edmund and Silvi also added a personal touch by baking a cake to thank all the parents.

I am still in the process of loading the interviews as it is quite time consuming.

These are a great bunch of kids and the parents should all be proud of their achievements.   

My family together with Irene and Titus will be spending 3 extra days in Hobart. Till I blog again, good bye.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

3rd day of individual events

Dear friends and readers

Just got to the stadium.

Phing is playing the quarters. Both sides have won 1 set. Phing is now trailing 10/15. Now down 10/16. Alice Wu is back to her screaming self again. Phing just got 1 pt back after a drop.

Alice hits the net and loses another pt.

Alice does a drop  which Phing is unable to reach. Phing gets back to 17/13  with a good drop that Alice crosses out.

Phing gets to 14/17 after Alice serves out.

Phing just serves out too. Phing gets back a pt to 15/19.

A serve is returned to the net by Alice.

Phing gets back another pt to 17/19.

Alice reaches 20. Phing loses 17/21 when her  return is smashed.  She has tried her best but got beaten.
Her score is 14/21, 21/19 and 21/17.

Titus has also lost his plate doubles in 2 sets.

Silvi lost her plate singles at 21/15 and 21/18.

Looks like we only have Amos and Phing left in the main draw for the mixed doubles and Phing for the girls doubles. Titus, Alex and Tyz are still in the mixed doubles plate event.

Phing and Jennifer Tham have just stepped in the court for the girls doubles.

They are up 17/11 on the first set.  They win the first at 21/13. However they could not keep up and lost the 2nd at 21/16 and the 3rd at 21/19.

Shelby and Sam managed a 18/21, 21/17 and 21/15 win against K Stratton and B Ferguson.

Tyz and Lily Rigg also survived a 3 setter to win E Kristic and Jo Liu 21/19, 19/21 and 24/22.

Titus and Alex won J Chin and J Wu 21/14 and 21/13 in easy sets.

They then played Shelby and Sam beating them 15/21, 21/10 and 21/18. Titus's mum was screaming at them for losing the first set with their mistakes.

Amos and Phing also survived a 3 setter against Simon Leung and C Blaga at 16/21, 21/10 and 21/18. The score does not show that at the 3rd set they were down 1/11 and then 15/1 before climbing to victory.

Tyz and L Rigg again survived a 3 setter to win 21/19, 13/21 and 21/19 coming from behind.

They now have to play Titus and Alex in the plate semis.

Tyz and Titus with their partners are now playing their semis. Yuli is unable to assist. However, Tyz is being helped by Rigg's Victorian coach. They reach 11/7 first.

Pretty Rigg is holding up at the net and they get to 14/8.  They have lost a few pts and are now at 14/15. Alex does a smash and they equalise. They are close at 16/17.  Tyz is down 18/19.  Tyz loses the first set at 21/18.

Amos and Phing now have a fight against Guda and Tham.

Amos and Phing also lose ther semi final fight to Guda and Tham.

Titus and Alex also lose their plate finals to Eddie Luk and Au in 3 sets.

Alex and Titus in the plate finals

So that was the end of the journey for all the WA players.

We have not won any individual medals. Phing and Amos may still be ranked.

The rest of the team were I am sure disappointed.

Yu Li has done a great job getting as much as possible from all these young players.

Kay has been stern and fair in managing the team. We need to thank both of them for their contribution and dedication to the team.

The team has no games tomorrow and will visit the famous Salamanca markets and perhaps Mount Wellington.

There was enough in the budget for some Italian tonight.

Phing was ranked 5th overall in the tournament. No other WA players were ranked.

The kids have given their all and played above their weight and skills. Although coming only 5th in the team event, we have to remember that there were other teams including New Zealand and New Caledonia to contend with. This was more than just an Australian Nationals.

Some of the boys were disappointed that they were not ranked. Well Northern New Zealand's players who are all about 16 years old, took at least 3 spots in the top 10 leaving 7 spots for Australians to be ranked. Well, maybe next year.

The team and parents at Italian
Battle wounds

More battle wounds
More wounds, should we sue?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2nd day of the individuals

Dear friends and readers

The day started with some issue re the coach's decision to limit the player's time in the hall to reduce their ability to run around and socialise.

The comments from the coach, was that if the parents entrust her to coach the players and to bring them to Tassie, they should let her carry on with the job instead of getting involved. She is right. Kay and YuLi have done a sterling job managing the team.

Amos had his first game beating Gael Leconte easily  at 21/17 and 21/9.

Titus lost to 5/8 player Raymond Ke 14/21 and 12/21. That is the end of his singles run  but he should be proud that he has done so well against all these older players.

Edmund remains in the hunt by beating Arghit Phogat 21/14 and 21/12.

Shelby played well and beat her opponent Althea Suthya 21/15, 20/22 and 21/10. She was upset that she allowed the other player to win the 2nd set making her play a 3rd set.

Phing beat S Fan 21/14 and 21/18. She had more than sufficient time to warm up.

Jaz and Tyz tried their best but could not contain Ray Sing ad Anthony Wong who are ranked 5/8. The first set was lost at 22/24 when the deauce position changed a couple of times. The 2nd set was 21/18 to Jaz and Tyz after some great smashes and shot placement.  The 3rd set was 18/21 but they were so close. That is the end of their doubles dream for which they have been working hard on for the last few mths.

Ed and Amos also lost to William Liang and Jonathan Sha 21/17 and 21/17.

Jaz and Alice Wu beat David Li and Malvicka Hemanth in 2 sets.

I think Alex and Silvi have also lost their singles run as I had to leave before their game ended. Some of the players are back at the apartment for rest and negative socialising.

Titus lost to Raymond Ke  21/14 and 21/12.

Edmund beat Phogat 21/14 and 21/12.

Shelby beat Maysell Downey 21/4 and 21/13.

Phing beat Sirina fan 21/14 and 21/18. Lily Rigg and Rudy Rigg beat Silvi and Alex 19/21, 21/16 and 21/17.

Jennifer Tham and Phing beat R Ainsley and Downey 21/9 and 21/6.

Jaz and Alice Wu beat  David Li and M Hemanth 23/21 and 21/16.

Amos and Phing beat Huaidong and Sylvia Low 21/18 and 21/15.

Ed and Silvi beat Jouanet and Yagues 21/8 and 21/12.

Kevin Zhang beat Jaz 21/9 and 21/12.

Silvi beat H Rothery 21/17 and 21/12 and then Claire 21/16 and 21/13.

Amos lost to Raymond Sing 21/7 , 10/21 and 21/16.

Phing beat Tiffany 16/21, 21/16 and 21/14.

Tyz and Lily Rigg remain in the plate beating Varghese and Hibbard Nitz 21/13 and 21/10.

Jaz and Alice Wu lost to Johnathan Siu and Sirina Fan 14/21, 21/11 and 21/13.

Amos and Phing beat Daniel Choo and Lee Yen Khoo  17/21, 21/12 and 21/14.

Gavin Ho beat Ed 13/21, 21/5 and 21/11.

Ed and Silvi lost to Daniel Lee and Rayna Philips 21/9 and 21/12.

Shelby and Sam Turner beat Duhig and T Lawrence 21/12 and 21/13.

Titus and Alex beat Blaga and Suthya 21/2 and 21/8.

That means the only players having a game tomorrow are:

Phing and Amos,
Tyz and Titus.

Phing and Amos v SA
T n  T re Ray Sing and A Wong

I was finally asked to drive the players today. Unfortunately, I have been so used to using my Q7 and it's parking sensors, I scratched the side of the coach. I have to find the right time to inform the manager.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First day of the individual comp

Dear friends and readers,

We had a late night celebrating the end of the team event. Pizzas and KFC as a treat.

The draws are out.

Silvi and Alex are playing Wynne Chen and Nicolle Min at 2.30 pm..

Shelby is partnering a Tassie girl called Kate Criggie and playing  Tiff Ho and Janet Son who are ranked 5/8.

Phing is partnering Jennifer Tam and they are ranked 3/4. They will play Siobhan Dang and Claudia Lam at 2.30 pm today.

Jaz and Tyz are playing Justin Lee and Huai Dong Tang from NSW  at 1.30 pm.

Edmund and Amos Yi are ranked 3/4 and will play Raymond Venus and Bowen Virawong at 2 pm.

Titus and Eddie Luk of Vic are playing Ray Sing and Anthony Wong who are ranked 5/8.

Amos Yi is ranked 5/8 and has just won Enoch Chiu of NSW in 2 sets coming from behind.

Tyz just played Scott Russell of CNZ and also won in 2 sets. He will play David Liang of NNZ next.

Titus just won his first game at 21/3 and the 2nd at 21/6 against Joshua Partridge.

Ed is ranked 9/16 and will play Thomas Bezier of NC at 10.30 am. He just finished 21/6 and 21/14.

Jaz's first match is at 11 against Matthew Lee of NSW.

Shelby is ranked 5/8 and will play Dinithi Lissarrague of NC at 12 pm.

Silvi is playing Joy Lai who is ranked at 3/4 at12 pm.

Alex will play Rayna Philips of NNZ who is ranked at  5/8.

Phing is ranked 5/8 and will play Daisy Ferguson  of TAS at 1 pm.

Jaz and Tyz are both out of the singles after losing in 2 sets to their opponents. I was pleased to watch them give everything they have and fighting for each point. They both came close to equalising their game for a 3 setter but could not get there. Jaz lost 21/16 and 21/19 to Matthew Lee. Tyz lost 21/12 and 21/17 to David Liang.

Shelby has progressed to the next stage after an easy win against her opponent Bowatte at 21/7 and 21/11.

Silvi is out.of the singles after hitting a wall called Joy Lai.

Alex is also out after losing to her ranked NNZ opponent.

Amos won easily against Enoch Chiu at 21/12 ad 21/18.

Phing also had an easy game against Daisy Ferguson of Tas beating her in 2 easy sets at 21/4 and 21/5.

Jaz and Tyz played their first doubles. They won the first set after coming from behind winning 21/16. They lost the  2nd set at 16/21 after losing concentration. The 3rd set was close and they were behind until point 11. They then caught up and finished the game with a win at  21/14.

Titus was playing his first doubles with Eric Luk from  Victoria against another Victorian pair. He managed to get to 3 sets but could not capitalise on his 2 point lead finally losing after 2 deuces. They won the first at 21/19 but lost the 2nd at 21/16 and the 3rd at 24/22.

Edmund and Amos also won their doubles games at 21/10 and 2/10 against Venus and Viravong.

Alex went down 21/13 and 21/4 to Rayna Philips who is ranked 5/8.

Silvi and Alex did well to win Wynne Chen and Nicolle Min at 17/21, 22/20 and 21/13.

Shelby and her new partner  Kate Criggie  lost to Tiff Ho and Janet Son who are ranked 5/8.

Phing and Jennifer Tam easily beat Dang and C Lam at 21/3 and 21/9.

Jaz and Tyz had another easy doubles winning Duhig and Lush Saunders 21/7 and 21/6.

Jaz and Alice Wu also tried out their new partnership winning against H Perham and Agulto at 21/8 and 21/10. They are experimenting with mixed doubles and doubles formation. I think they should stick to mixed doubles.

Amos and Phing who are ranked 3/4 beat WK Chan and Borchet 21/4 and 21/6 easily.

Shelby tried out a new mixed doubles partner but lost with S Turner at 21/14 and 21/19.

Tyz and his new partner Rigg lost 21/15 and 21/17. Tyz and Shelby will go to the plate.

Ed and Silvi did well to beat J Tan and Daniele Skarrot 21/11 and 21/8.

We all came back to a dinner cooked by Ed's parents. It was a good dinner and everyone enjoyed everything leaving nothing.

Annie and I went shopping for more lunch stuff. The canteen charges us $1 for hot water to put into our instant noodles cups. Well, they have to make a living.

Dinner and lunch has been thought out between Touk Krei and myself.

The players were given a lecture tonight about focusing on their games instead of flirting around socialising. I agree that they should avoid floating around from teams to teams chatting up the other players. Perhaps they will take heed tomorrow.

Tyz getting a muscle massage from YuLi, the coach mother.
The rock tape expert at work on Jaz who is in pain.

The whole team in a bed. This is how we save  on accommodation cost.

Monday, April 9, 2012

WA v SA for 5th and 6th place

Dear friends and readers

The team had a restful morning in preparation for the play offs. We are playing SA for the 5th spot. SA also won 4 sets against NNZ. This should be interesting. Yuli may change the team around again. Apparently she spoke to all the players individually for their comments on matching the players. I am using my iPad today to see how it will work for the blog. Still working out the best way to blog with the battery limitation. See you parents later.

Tyz and Titus have just finished their first set. They got to 11 first. They then got to 20 but lost 4 pts in a row before closing at 21/16.

Shelby and Silvi let the other team get to 11 first. They have caught up to 13/13. They now move into the lead.

Tyz returns 3 jump smashes before SA hits into the net.

Titus then does 3 smashes before getting a pt.

S and S are playing point for point.

T and T just lost 3 pts in a row. They are now at  10/6 but just got to 11/6.

S and S are down 20/17.  They just got back 1 pt but lost the set at 21/17.

T n T are up 14/6. Both Ts love to jump smash and it is working.

Tyz does another jump smash to bring the score to 18/9. They just got to 20/9.   They just finished at 21/9.

S n  S are now at 3/8. They need to catch up soon.  They have gotten to 5/8 and are closing. They have cut it down to 1 pt. They have even up at 9/9. They get to 11/9 first. It is now 13/11 and S n S are looking more steady. They get to 15/13.  Shelby's drop shot tumbles backwards instead of forward and they lose a pt.

They are back trailing at 15/16. Now down to 16/19. They get back a pt but had a return smash losing 17/21.

Alex and Phing are next.   They are down 3/5. These 2 SA girls are veterans already at national competitions at such a young age. They pop up at every national competition at every each group.

A n P get to 7/7.  After a close fight SA gets to 11/10.

SA are at 17/12.

WA  girls are still trailing 17/14.  Phing does a good cross drop to get them to 17/18. She does a soft smash to get them to 18/18. It is now 19/19. Alex returns to the net and they are at 19/20. Phing smashes again to get deuce.  However they could not hang on and lost 22/20.

Ed does a good smash to get WA to 9/3. Jaz just hit the net to give SA 4/10. WA is now at 11/4.   Ed and Jaz are enjoying themselves and leading at 13/6.  But they need to concetrate as SA has caught up 3 pts. Jaz does a cross drop to break the cycle of points lost to SA. WA is now only 15/14 above SA. That was a lot of points lost over a short spate of time.

 Edmund does a good net smash to get WA to 19/15.

He does another good smash from a set up by Jaz to get to 20/17. They get to 21/18 after a good smash by Jaz was returned out.

The boys are up to 6/2 in the 2nd set. Ed is smashing well today.  But SA are getting stronger and keepng close. Now it is 7/7. They have a few good smashes to get to 11/8.  They are now at 14/10 but cannot relax as SA can still come back. Jaz does a fake drop to get WA to 16/13. The boys are at 19/14.  Jaz sets up another smash for Ed and Ed responds. SA returns a shot out for WA to get to 21/15.

We are square with 2 matches each.

Tyz is now playing his singles.

They are both at 3/3 feeling the court and each other's strokes.

Tyz does a good cross court drop to get even to 6/6.

They are going pt for pt.

He does another back hand cross drop to get to 11/7 first.

SA gets back to 12/12.

They are trading pts.  Tyz is now at 16/14. He gets to 18/15. SA does a cross drop which Tyz returns weakly and loses the pt. He returns at 19/17.  His return hits the net to give SA 18/19. He misjudges the return for SA to even at 19/19. He smashes to get to 21/19.

In the 2nd set, they are trading pts again to 3/3.   Tyz does another trick cross shot to move to 6/4. He retains the lead at 10/7.   He gets to 11/8.  He needs to retain the lead.  His lead drops to 2 and then 1.  he needs to break away. SA has evened up at  13/13.

Tyz does a cross drop to get the lead again.  He gets another 3 pts. He is now ahead 17/14 but needs to stay focused. It is now 18/15. He gets to 19/16.  He needs 2 more. SA gets to 17/19 and then another pt.

There is a long rally before SA hits the net. The last drop gets Tyz 21/18. 

Silvi gets to 11 first. She is playing confidently.  She is up 16/13. She loses concentration and loses the set.

Jaz is up 17/8 but has lost 3 pts in a row.  A lot can happen when you go and buy coffee. SA gets back to 10/18. A smash by SA hits the net and drops over.  SA has got back 3 pts. He gets another pt when the shuttle hits the racket and drops in.

Jaz gets to 20/14.   The SA player is still fighting but Jaz wins after SA hits the net to lose to Jaz 21/16.

SA gets to a 2/1 lead. Jaz just needs to let SA make more mistakes. He is moving SA around. He does a good net drop to get another pt. Jaz  gets to 11/7 after moving SA all over the court before dropping the shuttle out of SA's reach.

Jaz gets to 15/9 as SA is getting tired.  Jaz's base line game is causing SA some distress.

He hits and lands 2 baseline shots to win the game at 21/11.

Alex is down 15/17. She loses the first set. She is trailing 11/7 on the 2nd set. She is down to 17/9.  She loses the 2nd set too after trying her best.

I just found out Phing has a walkover as Josephine is injured.

It looks like WA has survived the team event with no injuries from the girls. That would have been a problem as we have no reserve players.

Edmund is leading 6/5. The SA players looks fast on his feet. Ed gets to 10/5 and then 11/7 after a good drop. He is moving well too and gets to 14/7. Ed is losing his lead to 15/11 and then 15/13.  He finally gets a pt to get to 16/14. Suddenly SA has equalised. Ed digs in and gets 3 pts. to 19/16. SA gets to 19/20 before Ed wins when the returns passes the baseline.

Ed is leading 6/2 on the 2nd set. He is now at 8/4. SA has caught up and it is 10/10. Ed gets to Waiting foir11 first.  However SA turns it around and takes the lead at 13/12. It is now 15/17 to WA.  Ed does a jump smash to get even. Ed does a net shot to get to 19/17. He smashes a good shot to get to 21/18.

Shelby is down 2/0. She is now at 3/4. She finally evens up at 5/5. Can she take the lead now? She does with a good drop.  She gets to 10/6 to break away before reaching 11/7 first. She is at 15/10 before winning at 21/12.

She is at 6/6. SA has run ahead at 12/9.  Shelby fights back and gets to 12/12. She takes the lead at 16/15 and finshes at 21/17.

I have 20 mins left of battery life. The ipad did not work as there is bad phone connection.

I am back at the apartment. We had pizzas and KFC as Kay said here was surplus in the budget.

Waiting for my turn to shower.

Coming back to the scores.

There was a walkover from SA in Phing's singles. By that time SA had already lost 6 out of 10 games.

Amos Yi played Daniel Choo and got to 21/7 and 21/11.
Titus and Silvi then played Joshua Chin and Freya Gao beating them 21/10 and 21/16.

Jaz and Alex beat Emerson Kristic and Jessica Wu 21/5 and 23/21.

Tyzton and Shelby won  David Li and M Hemanth 21/19 in the first set. It looked like a sure win but they then lost 16/21 in the 2nd set requiring a 3rd set to decide. Unfortunately they lost the 3rd set 18/21 after losing focus.

This was a downer I am sure for both of them. Phing and Amos had another walkover. WA therefore came 5th with a win of 11 out of 16 games.

Edmund introducing the team

Team huddle before the game

Jaz and Alex

Touk Krei rocktaping Amos's shoe

The coach, the Umpire and the chef

Yu Li was interviewed at the end of the team event, She said that the whole team worked so well together with the coach, the manager and the parents. She said the kids were amazing. She felt like a mother to all of them and loved each and everyone of them like her own. She felt nervous and excited everytime she saw the players play. She could feel every triumph and every disappointment the players felt.

She felt herself playing every shot with them mentally. She was emotionally exhausted. She kept worrying if the players are exhausted or injured as they were like her children. She also thanked all the parents for their great support, for all the cooking, laundry, driving around and caring.

She wishes all the players the best in their individual events and know that if they try their best, they will reach their goal.

We all have to thank YuLi for the great work and effort she has put in. Her commitment to the team was exemplary and she was totally committed to finding the best in all the players.  She has sacrificed her time for the sake of the players and we need to wholly thank her for that.

I also interviewed Kay on video but was unable to upload the video. Am still trying. In essence, she was very proud of what the team has achieved. She has seen the players improve substantially from when they were first trying out for the team. They were focussed and committed to their goal. She is unsure if she will do this stint again as a manager. She thinks the players have tough draws for the individual events but am sure they will do well. She said this was one of the best team she has managed for a long time. She knows the players have given their best but am sure they will go on to achieve more. She is still upset that we missed the 3/4 placing.

We have to thank Kay for taking the time to manage this team. She has been well organised and has made sure the players are well taken care of and that the players have managed to achieve their best. Her stern manner has ensured the players tow the line and achieve theier best. Making rules like last phone call, lights out and all that is always necessary for these young minds and who better than Kay  to do that.
Shelby's parents, Brian and Teri who have been kind enough to chauffer the parents enjoying ice cream prepared by the players

The players doing the washing up
Titus and Edmund serving the parents ice cream

But wait, the individual events start tomorrow.  the draws are out. I will update everyone tomorrow. Good night as it is 1 .30 am. Tassie time.

2012 Li-Ning June Bevan Trophy

Last updated: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 9:38 PM

Western Australia (JBT12) - South Australia (JBT7): 11-5

Time:Tue 4/10/2012 5:00 PM
Draw:June Bevan Trophy - Play Offs 1 to 8
Match overview
OrderEventWestern Australia (JBT12)-South Australia (JBT7)ScorePoints

Tyzton Tan
Titus Tan
Joshua Chin
David Li
21-16 21-91-0

Shelby Milne
Silvi Botha
Jessica Wu
Malvika Hemanth
18-21 17-210-1

Phing Teo
Alexandra Phan
Lee-Yen Khoo
Josephine Liu
17-21 21-19 20-220-1

Edmund Xu
Jazton Tan
Daniel Choo
Emerson Krstic
21-18 21-151-0

Tyzton Tan
Joshua Chin
21-19 21-181-0

Alexandra Phan
Josephine Liu
15-21 13-210-1

Silvi Botha
Jessica Wu
18-21 11-210-1

Jazton Tan
David Li
21-16 21-111-0

Edmund Xu
Emerson Krstic
21-19 21-181-0

Shelby Milne
Malvika Hemanth
21-12 21-171-0

Phing Teo
Lee-Yen Khoo

Amos Yi
Daniel Choo
21-7 21-111-0

Titus Tan
Silvi Botha
Joshua Chin
Freya Gao
21-10 21-161-0

Tyzton Tan
Shelby Milne
David Li
Malvika Hemanth
21-19 16-21 18-210-1

Jazton Tan
Alexandra Phan
Emerson Krstic
Jessica Wu
21-5 23-211-0

Edmund Xu
Phing Teo
Daniel Choo
Josephine Liu


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