Monday, December 16, 2013

Reaching the end of the year and the disbanding of the Under 17s team till next year

Dear readers

We are a few days till the end of the new year. The training for the Under 17s team has finished for the year. However, I am sure many of the players will have their own training schedule for the holidays. Gavin has returned to Malaysia for training.

I think Olivia is returning to Indonesia for training too.  Xiang is also returning to China and will be training there.

Tyzton is going to Beijing with his family for a tour. Tyzton and my older son Jazton will then stay for a further 3 weeks for training in freezing Beijing. This was organised by Yuli. Thanks to her connections.

I will miss both of them when I leave Beijing after our 9 day tour.

Gavin, Xiang and Tyzton went to Singapore last month for the Singapore Youth International. Xiang got to the 4th round of his Under 15s singles. Tyz got through the first round before losing to the eventual semi finalist.

Xiang and Tyz did not do well for their doubles but I am sure the experience will help them in the Nationals. Gavin also did not progress well but will come back fighting.

Fund raising for the team has been going well.

The parents did a cook out for the last AC Tournament and raised $1630.

I managed to get a sponsorship from John Tu the owner of Hiway Cycles in Vic Park. He donated 2 $600 bikes. Kay was great in getting raffles sold for the bike and raising $850 for the first bike.

The winner of the bike was a badminton pennants player.

Our lucky winner

The bike was presented at a Bollywood themed night. The winner had to ride the bike home in her sari.

There is 1 more bike to raffle.

The players have been asked to send thanks to all the sponsors. Saying thank you and basic manners is one of the most important aspect that I try and impart on the players. Without our sponsors, the parents will have to spend so much of their own money. And it is basic manners to say thank you. Unfortunately many young players in Australia lack that basic manners. Hence my constant tirade to the players that I come into contact with in relation to their lack of basic manners. Am I winning the battle?

I just sold $250 worth of Refresh Water to Murdoch Pines Driving Range.

The current issue is whether we can find a 5th girl for the team. There might be a mini selection of the girls who may be interested.

I wish whoever nominates the best of luck.

I do feel that it is important that the team travels with 5  plus 5 players. On my calculation , there are 16 games played for each team match. That means each player other than the reserve is supposed to play, singles, doubles and mixed doubles. If any of the female players get injured, that means a forfeit of 3 games. That will mean the fight for a medal will be so much more difficult.

That is why I am hoping that we can get a fifth girl player.

I am also unable to get a team photo of all the players yet.

Anyway, it is the end of the year for the moment.  I doubt if I can blog  again before the new year.

Till I blog again, good night and have a great year.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The 2014 Under 17s team is announced

Dear readers

It is official. The team has been announced. The players that will represent WA in the Under 17s team in 2014 at New Zealand are Xiang, Edward, Jasper, Gavin and Tyz. The girls are Olivia, Julia, Geri May and Sophie. We have a 5th girl training to see if she will be selected. Her name is Adele and she is trying hard to make the grade.

It has been a tough fight for the boys to get into the team. The hardest fight was between Jasper and Kai Chen. They both had to fight for the last spot. There was so much passion when they were playing to get into the team. Such passion especially from young Kai Chen.

He was visibly upset after losing to Jasper. I had to remind him that he was still young and had a full 3 more years to represent WA in the Under 17s.

The players have to learn that failure is the mother of success.  I am sure Kai Chen will excel for WA in the Under 15s next year. He will feature strongly in the next few Under 17s team.

Other than Heer, the other boys that did not make it to the team will still be able to try again next year as they are all under 15 years of age. Heer will train hard I am sure for the next state team which will be the Under 19s. WA  is lucky that the boys are always strong. We have to wait for Yuli to train more girl players.

Kay and I have been busy fund raising. I have managed so far to get sponsorship of $1100 each from:

(a) MUI Group which is based in Malaysia.
(b) 2 Fat Indians Restaurant
(c) Big Foot Massage.

I am still working on a few other sponsors. Kay has done well with a fashion show and her chocolate sales. We are all working hard to raise funds for the team.

The players have been working hard selling chocolates and jellies.

Xiang and Tyz are flying to Singapore this Saturday to represent Australia in the Singapore Youth International. We wish them luck.

The other team players will be playing in the AC Sports Classic. The parents are doing kitchen sales for fund raising. Yes, it is a family affair as everyone chips in. I am doing a spaghetti bolognese which I hope sells well.

Good night.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The 2014 Under 17s trials starts

Dear readers

The trials for the WA Under 17s team commenced today. There was a strong performance by all the boys. There are 10 boys pitting their skills to get into 5 spots.

The boys are (not in order of merit):

Kai Chen, Ee Kiat, Heer, Jasper, Xiang, Tyzton, Gavin, Je Ren, Matthew and Edward.

Kai Chen and Jasper were in the Under 15s team this year with Xiang. They won bronze and Xiang was ranked no. 1 while Kai Chen was ranked 6th  with Jasper ranked 8th.

Xiang of course won the triple crown.

The girls to date are Olivia, Julia, Geri May and Sophie. Geri May was in the Under 15s that made bronze this year. She was ranked equal 10th in 2013. Julia was in last year's Under 17s team that was placed 4th.

Sophie was in the Silver winning Under 15s team in 2012 with Xiang, Olivia, Heer and Tyzton.

All the parents were supportive today watching their children compete.

Thanks to Trevor and Andrew Chai for being the selectors. Most of the parents helped with umpiring.

Badminton and junior players are only so good because of their supportive parents.

There will be a fashion show to fund raise next week.

Our current issue is uniforms as Li Ning may be pulling out. It is a shame as they have been a very supportive sponsor having sponsored WA state teams for over 3 years.Hopefully we will hear good news soon.

It is too early yet to forecast who will make the boys team. Good luck to all the players. Some of the players are still quite young and if they do not make it to the team, they can rest assured they will be in a good position to get to the team next year.

Good night.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The 2014 Under 17s campaign has started

Dear readers

If you had read my Under 15s Blog when the team won silver in the team event, you will know that I vowed to stay away from national competitions. This is because my heart cannot stand the spectacle of my son Tyzton competing in the event as my heart and tears follow his every victory and his every loss.

Well, here I am again, prompting Yuli and Kay Terry to be involved in the Under 17s for next year. Kay had returned from the Under 17s in 2013 feeling totally exhausted.

Yuli was feeling the same way. But wait, there is Raymond Tan who did not make it to the 2013 competition listening by the side as to the team's progress and yet blogging about the event.

I understand Yuli and Kay have put in their nominations for next year. Hopefully their nominations will be accepted.

Whoever is accepted for the positions will need to know that there will be lots of work fundraising for the team. I have put up my hand to assist whoever is appointed as manager and coach.

The event is taking place in New Zealand and, yes, we are going to fight for a medal. Last year's team made it to 4th. Although WA has taken part in the Under 17s national since 1991, WA has never won a team medal.

Can this be the year? WA  will definitely have a chance to make history in New Zealand in 2014.

Follow our blog to find out how we hope to make history.

Good night.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The finals


Dear readers

Although WA had no players in the finals, I am sure the players would have watched all the final games to learn and improve on their future games.

The final results are:

  1.Starting at 11:00 AMGS U17
Joy Lai [1]Australia
AustraliaGrace Ngiam [9/16]
21-15 21-9

  2.Followed byBS U17
Pun Thepkunhanimit [1]New Zealand
New ZealandBen Hillier [5/8]
16-21 21-11 21-14

  3.Followed byGD U17
Joy Lai [3/4]Australia
Grace NgiamAustralia
New ZealandRowena Devathasan [2]
New ZealandDeborah Yin
21-15 21-9

  4.Followed byBD U17
Julian LamAustralia
Clive LawAustralia
AustraliaMatthew Chan [5/8]
AustraliaAustin Yu
17-21 21-19 21-19

  5.Followed byXD U17
Austin Yu [3/4]Australia
Tiffany HoAustralia
AustraliaJulian Lam
AustraliaGrace Ngiam
10-21 21-14 22-20


Joy was again the singles winner and the doubles winner with Grace. Good on her.

The rankings were announced and Phing was ranked 3.

The surprise was when Tyzton was ranked 10 much to his surprise. They could not even pronounce his name and he only realised they were calling him when they announced WA.

The team travels back tomorrow with Annie as the team leader as Kay is staying in Victoria.

I cannot wait to see my wife and son again. It has been difficult being without Tyz and Annie. It has been nothing but golf, golf and more golf with Jazton. Jaz has been great with keeping company with me to make sure I do not miss my wife too much.

A beaming Tyz with his ranking certificate. He has lost so much weight.

Annie and Yuli

Annie and Kay

2013 U17 Carnival Rankings 6
April, 2013
Boys Girls
1. Pun Thepkunhanimit (NNZ)                         Joy Lai (Vic)
2. Ben Hillier (NNZ)                                         Grace Ngiam (Qld)
3. Austin Yu (NSW)                                           Phing Teo (WA)
4. Kunal Patil (Vic)                                            Tiffany Ho (NSW)
5. Alex Qu (NNZ)                                              Rowena Devathasan (NNZ)
6. Huaidong Tang (NSW)                                  Janet Son (NSW)
7. Philip Ding (NNZ)                                         Deborah Yin (NNZ)
8. Eddie Luk (Vic)                                             Christine Zhang (NNZ)
9. Justin Lee (NSW)                                          Selena Wu (NNZ)
10. Tyzton Tan (WA)                                          Lee-Yen Khoo (SA)

Friday, April 5, 2013

The 3rd day of individuals

Dear friends

The campaign of the WA  players have ended today.

Titus and Alex beat D Owen  and A Langley in the morning,
However they lost their plate event to D Choo and LY Khoo at 21/18 and 21/6.

Phing Teo was knocked out of the singles by J Lai at 21/8 and 21/18.

Phing and Sanoja did managed to win the doubles plate event after beating Alex and Silvi along the way.

Tyz and Titus were unable to contain B Hillier and A Qu going down at 21/16 and 21/19.
That means the players are all out of the competition.

WA has to honour them for giving their best for the State.

It is back to the training court for Yuli to find a team that will bring back a medal next year.

Kay has to be persuaded to return as manager on condition that she will not have to worry about dealing with non badminton related issues.

The draw for tomorrow are:

  1.Starting at 11:00 AMGS U17
Joy Lai [1]Australia
AustraliaGrace Ngiam [9/16]

  2.Followed byBS U17
Pun Thepkunhanimit [1]New Zealand
New ZealandBen Hillier [5/8]

  3.Followed byGD U17
Joy Lai [3/4]Australia
Grace NgiamAustralia
New ZealandRowena Devathasan [2]
New ZealandDeborah Yin

  4.Followed byBD U17
Julian LamAustralia
Clive LawAustralia
AustraliaMatthew Chan [5/8]
AustraliaAustin Yu

  5.Followed byXD U17
Julian LamAustralia
Grace NgiamAustralia
AustraliaAustin Yu [3/4]
AustraliaTiffany Ho

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The 2nd day of the individual events

Dear friends and readers

The players continue to test their aching bodies and fight for individual glory.

Silvi progresses in the plate event after winning Sally Woo in 2 sets.  However her run was stopped by Sanoja at 14/21 and 11/21.

She continues in her doubles plate event with Alex tomorrow after winning against S Lee and C Mashalidis. They will play Phing and Sanoja. She is also out of the mixed doubles after being beaten by M Chan and C Koh.

Edward is out of the singles after losing 21/17 and 21/14 to P Ding. Julia and Edward have also been knocked out of the mixed by E Yam and L Rigg after a 3 setter at 21/14, 16/21 and 21/10. He is also out of the doubles with Amos after losing 21/16 and 21/13 to K Patil and J Taing.

Alex beat H Rothery in her first plate singles but is out after being beaten by M Hemanth in 2 sets.

Silvi and her will play Phing and Sanoja in their plate tomorrow.

Titus and Alex will continue with their plate after beating C Koh and Y Say in 2 sets and also P Rao and E Cochran in 3 sets. They play D Owen and Z Peries tomorrow.

Tyz and Titus will continue with their doubles campaign and will play B Hillier and A Qu tomorrow.

Tyz and J Lai had a good start in the morning beating J Taing and A Lorincz in 2 sets. However they are out after meeting A Yu and T Ho in the afternoon and losing in 2 sets.

Tyz had a good win against David Li winning at 21/13 and 22/20. However his run in singles was stopped after losing to B Hillier in a 3 setter.  He won the first at 21/16 but lost the 2nd and 3rd at 19/21 and 15/21. I could feel his pain and disappointment as I spoke to him in the afternoon

He is left with the doubles with Titus tomorrow.

KJ Teoh and Serena are also out of the doubles after losing in 2 sets to M lee and J Almazan. His plate run with Blaga has also ended after meeting P Rao and J Schuler and losing in 2 sets.

Phing continues with her singles run. She meets J Lai tomorrow. She also continues in her plate with Sanoja and will play Silvi and Alex tomorrow.

Serena and Julia are out of the plate. Serena is also out of her plate singles after fighting hard in 3 sets against H Jim.

Amos is also out of the tournament after losing to M Chan and C Koh in the mixed doubles. Ed and Amos also lost to K Patil and J Taing in 2 sets. He has played as well as he can despite nursing a very sore back.

I am sure the players are all nursing sore bodies after 8 days of badminton. I spoke to Kay this morning and she wants all the future team players to have more physical training.

I hope tomorrow will be better for all the players that are still in the hunt. Good night.

Hi Raymond,

Give my best wishes to Tyzton and all the other players who are still playing in the individual event.

Hope they can fight through the pain.


Kind Regards

Himanshu Thacker
Executive Officer

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