Sunday, April 22, 2018

The finals

Dear readers

This was the final day of the individuals. Again, there was excitement and disappointment.

Julian and Hong Yuan fought hard for their doubles games but had to concede after 3 sets. Julian has grown so much as a player. He has improved substantially from his first Under 15s state team where he was ranked 3rd in the team and had to contend watching from the sidelines for many team matches.

He will continue to grow and under the guidance of his coaches including Nick and Yuli. The sky is the limit.

Hong Yuan has done his new home WA proud.  He won the singles in tough sets that went to deuces on both sets. It shows his determination and concentration as a player. He will continue to excel for WA. I also note that when he was playing in his singles finals, he was wearing an An Yu and Tan and Tan Lawyers Jersey. Good on him.

Bernice and Angela had to contend with silver losing to Angie Liu and Kelly Xu. Never mind, I think they can play again next year. Bernice has been a real solid star forWA and will continue to shine.

Janice won her plate single against N Alijabar who was ranked No. 1. She will grow stronger and taller. We will continue to watch her progress together with sister Jasmine. Their doubles partnership has also grown stronger.

Dawson and Aidan also won their plate doubles. These 2 boys are also getting stronger each year.

Alicia and partner T Xie were given a walkover plate victory. Alicia has also grown in maturity and will continue to fight for WA in future events.

Theodore and Anjali have also grown better with their overseas training. We wish them all the best for future state teams.

All players have to thank Nick for his coaching and Wheeler Snr for his management of the team. Of course, the umpire Bradley needs to be thanked too.

Many of the parents who attended at NZ these last few days must be relieved it is all over. They have to be thanked too by the players.

Without the support of the parents , there would have been no state teams.

Good bye, till the next Under 17s.

Order of play of Sunday, April 22, 2018
ILT - 1 - Streaming
  1.Starting at 11:00 AMMixed Doubles
Ryan Venpin [3/4]Australia
Kaitlyn EaAustralia
AustraliaEthan Chen [2]
AustraliaKelly Xu
21-16 21-110:20
  2.Followed byBoy's Doubles
Ricky Tang [3/4]Australia
Otto ZhaoAustralia
AustraliaJulian Lee
AustraliaHong Yuan Wong
18-21 21-18 21-140:45
  3.Followed byGirl's Singles
Shaunna Li [1]New Zealand
AustraliaKelly Xu [2]
21-17 15-21 21-140:36
  4.Followed byBoy's Singles
Hong Yuan WongAustralia
AustraliaRyan Venpin [1]
25-23 23-210:39
  5.Followed byGirl's Doubles
Angie Liu [2]Australia
Kelly XuAustralia
AustraliaBernice Teoh
AustraliaAngela Yu
21-17 21-140:25
ILT - 2 - Streaming
  1.Starting at 11:10 AMGirls Singles Plate
Janice TanAustralia
New ZealandNatasha Alijabar [1]
21-19 21-180:28
  2.Followed byGirls Doubles Plate
Latisha GayAustralia
Starcia HanAustralia
New ZealandCynthia Fan
New ZealandLinda Gee
21-19 21-110:20
  3.Followed byBoys Singles Plate
Jake NaylorNew Zealand
New ZealandEthan Pan
21-12 21-170:19
  4.Followed byBoys Doubles Plate
Dawson LawrenceAustralia
Aidan WhellerAustralia
New ZealandMatthew Cao
New ZealandKarljeet Cappie
21-9 21-110:17
  5.Followed byMixed Doubles Plate
Tianyi Xie [2]New Zealand
Alicia XuAustralia
New ZealandPatrick Wang [1]
New ZealandNatasha Alijabar