Monday, November 16, 2015

WA's Under 17s team for 2016

Dear readers

I wonder why I am still blogging about the Under 17s team?

Tyzton has been having his year 12  exams and is too old for the Under 17s anyway.

I do however hold a torch for the Under 17s WA team as I was there in 2013 when the Under 17s made a historical bronze medal in the nationals after over 10 years. That was with Yuli as coach, Kay as Manager and Tyzton as Captain. I was mere chaperon doing kitchen and laundry work :)

However as my wife Annie is in charge of the High Performance team, I was of course up to date with what has been happening.

Coach Yuli has volunteered again as she sees her students from An Yu Badminton Academy monopolising the Under 17s team.

Kay has come out from retirement yet again. She never fails to amaze everyone. She is the manager again, getting into fund raising etc.

In fact the first thing she did was ask me to get a sponsor for a bike so that it can be raffled. John from Causeway Cycles was glad to sponsor the team. There is a racing bike to be auctioned soon.

I also manged to persuade my client Ace Car Rentals to sponsor the tournament for another year.

The nominees went through a tough selection process last week.

I know it was quite tough and there were some tears. Keep reading for an update on who has been selected.

The question is what should happen to the boys and girls that did not make the team.

The tournament is to be held in Perth next year. Can we, should we field a second WA team. I think we should as the players that missed out will still get a chance to represent WA. They will pick up good experience and will not cost too much in funding.

Lets wait to see what BAWA decides.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

More photos from Luna Park

Dear readers

The team had a last day together and it was at Luna Park.

I understand the team has just landed safely in Perth about 40 mins ago.

It is 140 am now on Mon.

I do not know if the players did a thank you video for the coach, manager and Ruth. They should do it to thank them for all the work they have done.

That is the end of the trip for the players.

The most memorable moment for me was Xiang and Bella stepping up to team with Alicia so that Alicia can have a positive experience of winning her doubles match. Big brother and big sis.

All the players have contributed so much and learned so much.

Coach Joe and Manager Donna have also done a great job. Too bad they could not get a bronze medal but , heck,  they surely gave their all together with the players. They should stand proud of what they have achieved.

For many of the players, I am sure this has been a great experience. Xiang and KC brought back the boys doubles gold. They have done WA proud. They won the Under 15s doubles gold and now Under 17s gold. This is historical.  The next doubles gold is the under 19s. They both got ranked well.

SunYee and Jason got the plate. They will have matured as players and will do better in their next national competition.

The WA team came in 4th after a valiant fight.

Bella and Gerimay fought through their physical pain in the team event to give the WA team their best chance for a medal. Too bad, their physical pain was too great for them to win their individual events. They both got ranked though which is great especially as Bella still has next year to play. She will surely be No. 1 next year.

Louise and Alicia will have learned so much from this competition. They will surely continue to represent WA in future state events and do even better.

Jasper, who takes out his shirt in public to show his physique. I saw the scores on his 3 setter games. Great guts. And he nearly did not go because mum and dad were afraid he was injured.  He has given everything for WA. He will be our next star as he gets stronger.

Young coach Joe. He has been a great mentor for the players. I have only met Joe once at my office. However I could sense the sincerity he had and the love for the job he had taken. Hopefully he will continue to be involved with future state teams. We need dedicated and encouraging coaches like Joe. I especially liked his idea of getting the players parents to write a letter to the players and reading them before the games. I know Donna had a few tears.

And what of Donna Dewitt. She did all this out of love for badminton and the young kids. I know how much Donna loves badminton and BAWA. I have played against her. I have seen how she volunteers for badminton. Thank god for players like Donna.

And lastly, thanks need to go to all the parents especially Ruth who traveled with the team. It is not an easy task. I have been there many times. Feeding the team is never easy. Making sure everything is OK is even harder. And the worse thing is, you do not even get a medal if the team wins. Haaahaaaa, I have been there too when WA won bronze and I was only the chaperone.

But hopefully the team appreciates what you have done for them. Make sure these kids say hello to you every time they see you cos you have looked after them like a parent all because of badminton and what you hope the kids can achieve.

This may be the last blog for the Under 17s team. Till I blog again, good night.


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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Team bonding

Dear readers

The team had a day out at Luna Park before returning to Perth.

This is usually the highlight for the young players and it is always the manager who organises the day out for the kids. Sometimes, the players fly all the way to a new state for the first time and do not even get to see any of the state's tourist spots. Good on Donna for organising the Luna Park outing.


Xiang looking cool with his crazy sunnies.

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Entertainment for the night

Dear readers

I have no idea what was happening here. I can only guess that each team had to put in a performance. Donna nailed it.

Q: why did Jasper take out his shirt?


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Friday, April 10, 2015

Boys doubles video

Hopefully this works. Never tried uploading videos before.

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Girls: Bella 4 and Geri 6
boys: Xiang 4 and Kc 6

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Location:Oxford Street,Kensington,Australia

Doubles final boys

Xiang and Kai Chen have won the gold medal in 2 straight sets without breaking a sweat. They won the gold in the under 15s too.

Great work boys and coach Joe whose coach master was coaching the Vic boys.

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Jason and Sunyee win doubles plate

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3rd day of individual events

Dear readers

The players are pushing their bodies to the limit.

On last checking on whats app, these are the latest results:

Xiang went through the semis till he lost out to Keith Mark Edison in 2 sets at 15/21 and 15/21. Xiang must be very tired.

KC went through to round 4 before being dispatched by Janson Trinh 16/21 and 19/21. He has fought a good fight.

Jasper went through to the 2nd round before losing to Jasmanjot Virk in 2 sets. He then went to the 3rd round in the plate.

Jason also lost in the 2nd round in 2 sets to Jared Song. He went to the 3rd round in the plate.

Sun Yee went to the plate and lost in the qtr finals to Quentin Bernaix.

In the girls singles, Louise went to the 3rd round before losing to Rose Xu in 2 sets.

Gerimay went to the 4th round before losing to Jodee Vega in 3 close sets.

Alicia went to the plate.

Bella went to the 4th round losing to Ysabel Say 13/21 and 12/21. Her feet must be swollen.

In the mixed doubles Sun Yee and Louise played Jasper and K Low. Jasper and K Low triumphed and progressed to round   4 before losing to Oscar and C Chang.

Sun Yee and Louise went to the 2nd round of the plate.

KC and Bella went to the qtrs before losing to No. 1 seed Oscar and C Zhang 11/21 and 13/21.

Alicia and J Patridge went to the plate before losing in the 2nd round.

Jason Lee and Gerimay progressed to round 4 losing to K Edison and Sally Fu in 2 sets.

Xiang and Ysabel went to the quarters losing to Keith and Sally Fu 14/21 and 16/21.

In the boys doubles, Jason and Sunyee lost to Oscar and Marcus in round 2. Jasper and Kevin Yin were also dispatched by Oscar and Marcus in the 3rd round.

Jason and Sunyee then went to claim the plate beating Edward Lau and Edward Ma 23/21 and 21/17.

Xiang and KC are in the finals against David Lee and Janson Trinh.  Good luck and hopefully their bodies keep up.

In the girls doubles,  Louis and R Thomas went to the plate.

Bella and Gerimay lost in the 2nd round to Ysabel and Jodee. Poor Bella and Gerimay, they have pushed their bodies to the limit for the team event and could not do more in the individuals.

Alicia and G Perry also went to the plate.

All these players have pushed to the end. Many deserve a good rest and commendation from WA for what they have done at this young age.

They have fought as a team and will have learned lots. Good luck for their badminton future.



Thursday, April 9, 2015

Individual events

Dear readers

The players are doing their best in their individual events. It has been a hard slog with many of the players stretched to their physical limits . However they still give their best. On checking tournament software I think Xiang is still in singles qtr. doubles qtr and mixed qtr. hopefully his body holds up.

Sunyee is still in the singles plate.

Bella is out of the singles and doubles. She is still in the mixed doubles with kc. They face Oscar tomorrow.

Kc is still in the doubles with Xiang .

Jason and Sunyee are in the plate.

All the other players are out despite giving their all.


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