Sunday, November 4, 2012

The 2013 WA Under 17s Team blog

Dear friends, readers and supporters

Welcome, welcome to the 2012 blog for the WA Under 17s team. Yes, it is starting again, the blogging, the driving around of the players, the politics etc etc.

As my readers are aware, I have just finished off on the WA Under 15s Team blog. I am in fact waiting for a parent to take over the blog as Tyzton is now too old to play in the Under 15s.

Is there any one out there who will take up the challenge?

In the meantime, I am back at the Under 17s blog. This year, the team is going to Victoria. I am, unfortunately, staying in Perth and not following the team to Victoria. I wonder how the blog will progress when the competition starts in Victoria. One step at at time.

Right now, the stressor is the forming of the team. The team has yet to be selected. However, there are great prospects including some new players trying out for their first state team.

The Teoh brothers and their supportive father have been very keen to prove themselves. They have both never been in the State team before and are coming to grips with what is needed to make the team and what they have to give. They have to give their all, as playing for WA is an honour.

Owen and Jia Ren are also trying out for the boy's side. I wish them all the best and I am sure they will give their all.

Julia and Serena are also trying out for their first WA State team. Julia has not been playing for a year since her debut in the Under 15s Regional competition. Serena has only been playing for less than 1 year but has determination and courage.

Both girls are keen to prove themselves.

For me, it was dejavu. All the training again. Luckily we have our wonderful YuLi, the coach who feels like a mother to the players.  She will I am sure bring out the best in all of them. Do I need to remind everyone that she was a world class champion.

We also have the organised and no nonsense Kay Terry as the manager.

Kay, who was an Australian Champion and a Member of the British Empire. Not to be messed with and to be totally respected.

I asked Kay the other day if she had reviewed her interview after the last Under 17s where she stated she may not get involved again. Here she is again and thank god for that.

Who is going to be the umpire? Is it going to be Annie? Who knows. For the moment, Annie and I are just turning up as interested parents.

The team has yet to be selected. I am sure funding will again be an issue. Kay has the matter under control, I am sure.

Good night.

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