Saturday, April 21, 2012

The final blog for the 2012 Under 17's

The 2012 WA Under 17s state team   

Dear friends and readers

It is good to be back home and back to work.

I managed to get one of my staff to edit the videos as they were too long to upload.

This is therefore the final report on the blog. All videos have been uploaded including the videos of the boys being interviewed at my home before the competition.

Kay’s interview at the end of the team event has also been uploaded.

The final interview at the end of the competition and the thanks to the coach and manager has also been uploaded.
New photos have been uploaded.

This gives a complete blog of the Under 17 competition. The players will always have this blog as a memento of their adventure and their experience.

It has been a tough few weeks watching the kids play and win or lose. All emotions were experienced. I lost my voice after the first day.  Will I do it again. Why not. See you guys at the next Under 15s competition.

Raymond Tan

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