Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The 2014 Under 17s campaign has started

Dear readers

If you had read my Under 15s Blog when the team won silver in the team event, you will know that I vowed to stay away from national competitions. This is because my heart cannot stand the spectacle of my son Tyzton competing in the event as my heart and tears follow his every victory and his every loss.

Well, here I am again, prompting Yuli and Kay Terry to be involved in the Under 17s for next year. Kay had returned from the Under 17s in 2013 feeling totally exhausted.

Yuli was feeling the same way. But wait, there is Raymond Tan who did not make it to the 2013 competition listening by the side as to the team's progress and yet blogging about the event.

I understand Yuli and Kay have put in their nominations for next year. Hopefully their nominations will be accepted.

Whoever is accepted for the positions will need to know that there will be lots of work fundraising for the team. I have put up my hand to assist whoever is appointed as manager and coach.

The event is taking place in New Zealand and, yes, we are going to fight for a medal. Last year's team made it to 4th. Although WA has taken part in the Under 17s national since 1991, WA has never won a team medal.

Can this be the year? WA  will definitely have a chance to make history in New Zealand in 2014.

Follow our blog to find out how we hope to make history.

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"Although WA has taken part in the Under 17s national since 1991, WA has never won a team medal."

WA came 2nd in 2001 and 3rd in 2002. I'm not sure about other years.