Saturday, April 6, 2013

The finals


Dear readers

Although WA had no players in the finals, I am sure the players would have watched all the final games to learn and improve on their future games.

The final results are:

  1.Starting at 11:00 AMGS U17
Joy Lai [1]Australia
AustraliaGrace Ngiam [9/16]
21-15 21-9

  2.Followed byBS U17
Pun Thepkunhanimit [1]New Zealand
New ZealandBen Hillier [5/8]
16-21 21-11 21-14

  3.Followed byGD U17
Joy Lai [3/4]Australia
Grace NgiamAustralia
New ZealandRowena Devathasan [2]
New ZealandDeborah Yin
21-15 21-9

  4.Followed byBD U17
Julian LamAustralia
Clive LawAustralia
AustraliaMatthew Chan [5/8]
AustraliaAustin Yu
17-21 21-19 21-19

  5.Followed byXD U17
Austin Yu [3/4]Australia
Tiffany HoAustralia
AustraliaJulian Lam
AustraliaGrace Ngiam
10-21 21-14 22-20


Joy was again the singles winner and the doubles winner with Grace. Good on her.

The rankings were announced and Phing was ranked 3.

The surprise was when Tyzton was ranked 10 much to his surprise. They could not even pronounce his name and he only realised they were calling him when they announced WA.

The team travels back tomorrow with Annie as the team leader as Kay is staying in Victoria.

I cannot wait to see my wife and son again. It has been difficult being without Tyz and Annie. It has been nothing but golf, golf and more golf with Jazton. Jaz has been great with keeping company with me to make sure I do not miss my wife too much.

A beaming Tyz with his ranking certificate. He has lost so much weight.

Annie and Yuli

Annie and Kay

2013 U17 Carnival Rankings 6
April, 2013
Boys Girls
1. Pun Thepkunhanimit (NNZ)                         Joy Lai (Vic)
2. Ben Hillier (NNZ)                                         Grace Ngiam (Qld)
3. Austin Yu (NSW)                                           Phing Teo (WA)
4. Kunal Patil (Vic)                                            Tiffany Ho (NSW)
5. Alex Qu (NNZ)                                              Rowena Devathasan (NNZ)
6. Huaidong Tang (NSW)                                  Janet Son (NSW)
7. Philip Ding (NNZ)                                         Deborah Yin (NNZ)
8. Eddie Luk (Vic)                                             Christine Zhang (NNZ)
9. Justin Lee (NSW)                                          Selena Wu (NNZ)
10. Tyzton Tan (WA)                                          Lee-Yen Khoo (SA)

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