Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The 2014 Under 17s team is announced

Dear readers

It is official. The team has been announced. The players that will represent WA in the Under 17s team in 2014 at New Zealand are Xiang, Edward, Jasper, Gavin and Tyz. The girls are Olivia, Julia, Geri May and Sophie. We have a 5th girl training to see if she will be selected. Her name is Adele and she is trying hard to make the grade.

It has been a tough fight for the boys to get into the team. The hardest fight was between Jasper and Kai Chen. They both had to fight for the last spot. There was so much passion when they were playing to get into the team. Such passion especially from young Kai Chen.

He was visibly upset after losing to Jasper. I had to remind him that he was still young and had a full 3 more years to represent WA in the Under 17s.

The players have to learn that failure is the mother of success.  I am sure Kai Chen will excel for WA in the Under 15s next year. He will feature strongly in the next few Under 17s team.

Other than Heer, the other boys that did not make it to the team will still be able to try again next year as they are all under 15 years of age. Heer will train hard I am sure for the next state team which will be the Under 19s. WA  is lucky that the boys are always strong. We have to wait for Yuli to train more girl players.

Kay and I have been busy fund raising. I have managed so far to get sponsorship of $1100 each from:

(a) MUI Group which is based in Malaysia.
(b) 2 Fat Indians Restaurant
(c) Big Foot Massage.

I am still working on a few other sponsors. Kay has done well with a fashion show and her chocolate sales. We are all working hard to raise funds for the team.

The players have been working hard selling chocolates and jellies.

Xiang and Tyz are flying to Singapore this Saturday to represent Australia in the Singapore Youth International. We wish them luck.

The other team players will be playing in the AC Sports Classic. The parents are doing kitchen sales for fund raising. Yes, it is a family affair as everyone chips in. I am doing a spaghetti bolognese which I hope sells well.

Good night.

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