Monday, December 16, 2013

Reaching the end of the year and the disbanding of the Under 17s team till next year

Dear readers

We are a few days till the end of the new year. The training for the Under 17s team has finished for the year. However, I am sure many of the players will have their own training schedule for the holidays. Gavin has returned to Malaysia for training.

I think Olivia is returning to Indonesia for training too.  Xiang is also returning to China and will be training there.

Tyzton is going to Beijing with his family for a tour. Tyzton and my older son Jazton will then stay for a further 3 weeks for training in freezing Beijing. This was organised by Yuli. Thanks to her connections.

I will miss both of them when I leave Beijing after our 9 day tour.

Gavin, Xiang and Tyzton went to Singapore last month for the Singapore Youth International. Xiang got to the 4th round of his Under 15s singles. Tyz got through the first round before losing to the eventual semi finalist.

Xiang and Tyz did not do well for their doubles but I am sure the experience will help them in the Nationals. Gavin also did not progress well but will come back fighting.

Fund raising for the team has been going well.

The parents did a cook out for the last AC Tournament and raised $1630.

I managed to get a sponsorship from John Tu the owner of Hiway Cycles in Vic Park. He donated 2 $600 bikes. Kay was great in getting raffles sold for the bike and raising $850 for the first bike.

The winner of the bike was a badminton pennants player.

Our lucky winner

The bike was presented at a Bollywood themed night. The winner had to ride the bike home in her sari.

There is 1 more bike to raffle.

The players have been asked to send thanks to all the sponsors. Saying thank you and basic manners is one of the most important aspect that I try and impart on the players. Without our sponsors, the parents will have to spend so much of their own money. And it is basic manners to say thank you. Unfortunately many young players in Australia lack that basic manners. Hence my constant tirade to the players that I come into contact with in relation to their lack of basic manners. Am I winning the battle?

I just sold $250 worth of Refresh Water to Murdoch Pines Driving Range.

The current issue is whether we can find a 5th girl for the team. There might be a mini selection of the girls who may be interested.

I wish whoever nominates the best of luck.

I do feel that it is important that the team travels with 5  plus 5 players. On my calculation , there are 16 games played for each team match. That means each player other than the reserve is supposed to play, singles, doubles and mixed doubles. If any of the female players get injured, that means a forfeit of 3 games. That will mean the fight for a medal will be so much more difficult.

That is why I am hoping that we can get a fifth girl player.

I am also unable to get a team photo of all the players yet.

Anyway, it is the end of the year for the moment.  I doubt if I can blog  again before the new year.

Till I blog again, good night and have a great year.

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