Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Presidents Cup

Dear readers

As customarily, the outgoing State team take on the team selected by the BAWA President for a last match before leaving for the tournament.

I am sure the Under 17s state team players are excited. The most excited will probably be young Alicia Xu in her first state team and at less than 14 years old.

I understand the State team played at Armadale and gave a fighting performance but were unable to beat the older President's team. The coach Joseph Too was happy with the team performance. This is Joseph's first coaching of a WA state team. The players' parents have been most supportive.

We wish the team the best for when they leave during Easter for the nationals.

Good luck team and play hard.

The WA Under 17s 2015 state team

The state team and the President's team

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