Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The 2015 Under 17s State Team

Dear friends and readers

Yes, we are back at the Under 17s again. This time I have no vested interest as my son Tyzton Tan is too old for the team. Alas, how fast they grow.

However, as usual I have been asked to continue blogging what the new Under 17s team is doing.

I am not even sure as I am getting sketchy updates on their wechat sites.

I understand the team comprises of:

YingXiang Lin our Under 15s triple crowner and team member of the history making bronze winning 2014 state team.
Kai Chen Teoh, Under 15s National doubles winner.
Jasper Tan who was in the history making Under 17s team last year winning team bronze.
SunYee in his 2nd state team.
Jason in his 2nd state team too.

Bella Liu our Under 15s National singles and girls doubles champ and also member of the history making Under 17s 2014 bronze team.
Gerimay Nicholas, our ladies Under 15s National doubles champ and mixed doubles runner up last year. She was the mixed doubles national champ in the Under 15s in 2013. She was also in the Under 17s bronze team last year.
Louise Bradford in her 3rd state team.

Alicia Xu in her first state team.

The coach is Joe Too from Malaysia doing his first state gig. Good luck to him. I hear he is very dedicated in his coaching.

Donna Dewitt is the manager or manageress. Donna has played in several state teams herself and also owns a few national medals as a player.

The team will be playing the Presidents Cup this weekend at Armadale. Hopefully lots of photos will come through for the blog.

Till we meet on Sunday, good night.

Raymond Tan

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