Friday, February 19, 2016

The Under 17s State No. 1 team get a visit from Yang Yang, Former world champion

Dear friends

The No. 1 state team were lucky to have former world champ Yang Yang drop by at Melville Recreation Centre to give the players some good tips and a bit of training.

Yes, we have 2 state teams.

The no. 1 team players are:

1. Kai Chen
2. Milain
3.  JasonLee
4. Romy
5. Sun Yee
6.  Bella Liu
7.  Daphne Wan
8. Katrina Garing
9. Geri May Nicolas
10.  Louise Bradford.

Yuli Zheng is the coach and Kay Terry the manager. They both helped the 2014 team to win a historic bronze after a 10 year drought. What can they do this year on home ground.

Yes, we are good enough to have a number 2 state team. The players are:

1. Ryan Tan
2. Marcus
3. Rupert Kang
4. Theodore Kang
5.  Damien Wan
6.  Jackie Zheng
7. Bernice Teo,
 8. Jasmine Tan
9.  Janice Tan
10. Alicia Xu
11. Katy Zhang

Jazton Tan is the manager and Ryan Lin the coach.

Photos coming.

Here are some photos from the Yang Yang visit.

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