Monday, November 16, 2015

WA's Under 17s team for 2016

Dear readers

I wonder why I am still blogging about the Under 17s team?

Tyzton has been having his year 12  exams and is too old for the Under 17s anyway.

I do however hold a torch for the Under 17s WA team as I was there in 2013 when the Under 17s made a historical bronze medal in the nationals after over 10 years. That was with Yuli as coach, Kay as Manager and Tyzton as Captain. I was mere chaperon doing kitchen and laundry work :)

However as my wife Annie is in charge of the High Performance team, I was of course up to date with what has been happening.

Coach Yuli has volunteered again as she sees her students from An Yu Badminton Academy monopolising the Under 17s team.

Kay has come out from retirement yet again. She never fails to amaze everyone. She is the manager again, getting into fund raising etc.

In fact the first thing she did was ask me to get a sponsor for a bike so that it can be raffled. John from Causeway Cycles was glad to sponsor the team. There is a racing bike to be auctioned soon.

I also manged to persuade my client Ace Car Rentals to sponsor the tournament for another year.

The nominees went through a tough selection process last week.

I know it was quite tough and there were some tears. Keep reading for an update on who has been selected.

The question is what should happen to the boys and girls that did not make the team.

The tournament is to be held in Perth next year. Can we, should we field a second WA team. I think we should as the players that missed out will still get a chance to represent WA. They will pick up good experience and will not cost too much in funding.

Lets wait to see what BAWA decides.

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