Thursday, March 31, 2016

2nd day of individuals

Dear readers

The players have been busy and doing their best.

In the boys plate:

Theodore progressed to the 3rd round before losing to Rio Augustino in 2 sets. Rupert plays in the semis tomorrow.

Girls Plate:

Alicia is through to the semis. Katie is out after losing to J Chin.

XD plate:  Marcus and Alicia are out after losing to Ang and Zhu. Louise and her partner also lost to Ang and Zhu.  That leaves  Ryan and Daphne to fight in the semis.

In the BD plate: Rupert and Theodore lost to Gay and Hocking. There's no more boys from WA in the plate.

In the Girls D plate things are getting interesting. The twins play against Katrina and Daphne tomorrow. Who to cheer for ? Louise and Jessica are playing Phang and Sak. I thought Louise has gone home?

In the boys singles event: Ryan lost to E Zhang in the 3rd round. KC will now meet E Zhang tomorrow. Sunyee upset Mialian's plans by beating him in 3 sets. Sunyee progresses to the semis. Jason Lee also goes to the semis after beating Marcus Loi. That means WA has 3 boys in the semis.

In the girls singles: Katrina has finished her run losing to M Almazan in 3 sets.

 Bella continues her run beating A Young in 2 sets. That means WA only has 1 girl left.

XD results: KC and Bella continue their run and re in the semis after beating  Augustino and Almazan in 2 sets. Romy and Jasmine are out after losing to B Lim and V Wu in 2 sets. Milain and his partner are also out after losing to J Trinh and C Lee in 2 sets. That means only Bella and KC remain in the draw.

In the BD: Milain and KC continue their run to the semis beating  B Lim and S Zheng in 2 easy sets.

Sunyee and Jason also progressed to the semis after beating D Chen and K Chesney.

WA therefore has 2 boys teams in the semis. Good luck to them.

Girls D: Bella progresses to the semi with S Lim after beating Almazan and A Lowe in 2 easy sets.

Bella has the chance of getting a triple crown if her fitness keeps up. Likewise KC.

Good luck to all the players who continue their journey.

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