Friday, March 25, 2016

Under 17 June Bevan 2016 opening ceremony

Dear readers

The tournament has started and all the players and parents are excited. The BAWA board has been working tirelessly and thanks need to go to all of them for a job well started.

The games start tomorrow morning at 9 am.

As mentioned before, WA has 2 teams this year. The WASP No, 1 team and the Scorpions, the No. 2 team.

The WASP team is staying at Kingsway Caravan park for some team bonding.

The Scorpions are lucky to have their parents ferry them to the courts every day.

Here are some photos taken today at the opening ceremony.

The highlight of the day was the music selected for the entrance of each team.

The WA teams had a special selection of well known Chinese Kung Fu movie themes selected by Andrew Chai. Most of the players may be too young to understand the movie themes but the parents had a good laugh. Have a look at the video later.

The 2 teams with Tyz, Xiang and Jasper as umpires.



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All the 11 teams

Location:Kings way

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