Saturday, February 11, 2012

2nd day of trials

Dear friends, readers and parents,

Today was another stressful day for the parents as they watched their 8 boys slug it out for 5 spots in the WA State team.

The selectors do not have an easy job at all. From my own calculations, 2 boys have a very slim chance as they have lost the majority of their games. 3 boys have cemented their position in the team leaving 3 boys to fill in 2 spots. It is going to be tight.

However, there is still 1 more day of trials. The results of the competition at the Be Active Tournament on 25 and 26 Feb will also be considered by the selectors.

So even the 2 boys who have not done well in the trials can still overturn the tables by performing well at the Be Active competition.

The girls have nothing to worry as their positions have been secured. However, we have yet to find a reserve girl player.

If I remember, the actual National competition will have the WA team play 2 teams each day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each player will play about 8 games per day. That can be very tiring for young bodies especially if all the games go to 3 setters.

The players need to remember that in the team event,  every point counts even if they are losing. If the play goes to a 3 setter, that again helps the team's final total.   In the 2010 Under 15s competition, WA got 4th place but could have won 3rd place if they had won just one more game.

The Manager, Kay addressing the boys.

Silvi, Alex, Phing and Shelby

Trevor giving the team encouragement

Andrew Chai, one of the the selectors keeping an eagle eye on the players

Edmund and Amos against Jaz and Tyz

Phing and Silvi v Alex and Shelby

It has been an interesting day for the selectors. Whatever they decide, I am sure they will know that all the players have tried their best and have presented their best. Good luck to all the players.

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