Sunday, February 26, 2012

The 2012 WA State team is finally announced

Dear friends and readers

It was a very anxious day today for my wife Annie and myself. We had to get to Kingsway early as my sons had a doubles game in the A Reserve group.

They won the game by points and were probably going into the finals for that group.

The rest of the team were doing extremely well in their respective categories.

The B Division Mixed doubles finals was between Titus/Alex v Dennis/Shelby. Titus/Alex stayed calm and won in 2 sets despite a valiant fight by Shelby and Dennis.

The B Division Womens gold was won by Shelby, Silver by Silvi and Bronze by Alex.

Amos won the A Reserve Mens single in a 3 setter after losing the 1st set. He won by sheer determination and by wearing out his opponent.  At the end of the game, his opponent was lying on the floor from exhaustion. I am glad Amos's mum was not around to see the match as she would have had a heart attack.

Dennis played Chee Kian in the B Division mens single. It was another 3 setter before Dennis graciously lost in the 3rd round after fighting hard.

Dennis and Titus then played the B Division men's doubles final against 2 very much taller opponents. Titus and Dennis did well winning the first set. They looked like they were going to win the 2nd set before losing their concentration and the game. Despite trying their best and jump smashing all the way, they were not able to get the gold and had to settle for the silver.

Phing won the silver in the women's Open division.

Edward won the C division men's singles.

In the A Reserve, my 2 boys witnessed the team that they beat in points today take 2 sets off the boy's 1st opponent from yesterday. So despite winning both teams in points, the boys could not progress to the finals. They were so disappointed as they wanted to see how they would perform in a finals at that level.

At the end of the competition, the WA Under 17s team was announced.

The players are Phing, Silvi, Shelby and Alex for the girls.

This was never a secret.

The boys selection was I am sure harder to predict. It turned out that the selectors picked Amos, Titus, Jazton , Tyzton and Edmund. Edmund is the team captain. I am sure he will do well as the captain.

The other boys and their parents were definitely disappointed after all the hard work put in by their children.

All the players should be congratulated for trying hard and never giving up on their dreams.

I am sure my boys were relieved at being selected. This has been an anxious few weeks.

Now it is up to the selected players to prove to the selectors that they have made the right choice.

To the boys who were disappointed, I wish them the best and thank the parents for being there throughout the selection process and with their fund raising efforts.

I am sure their sons will go on to prove themselves in sports and academics.

Thanks to YuLi for patiently sitting out through the whole competition watching her wards.

YuLi was also pleased that she was able to introduce a few of her students into competitive badminton. 2 of her junior players won the boys doubles trophy. Uncannily, the boys were also Tans. I spoke to the parents and found out they are not brothers but both trained with YuLi. BAWA should be pleased that coaches like YuLi continue to groom future champions for WA. I believe YuLi also brought 2 new girls to the tournament and they did quite well too winning trophies. You could see the excitement and satisfaction in their young faces. Infact I was told some of these news kids wanted to go back immediately for training with YuLi that afternoon.

Thanks also to the selectors Trevor and Andrew for their hard work.

The proper training starts on Thursday. The hard work begins. Good night for now.

From left , Annie, Kay, Edmund, Tyz, Titus, Jaz and Amos on top. Shelby, Silvi, Alex and Phing kneeling down

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