Saturday, February 18, 2012

3rd day of trials

Dear parents and friends

Today was the 3rd day of the trials at Samson Recreational Centre again.

The girls did not have to do anything other than look good. They still played hard to see what is the best girl formation for the team.

The boys' games were a totally different kettle of fish. The selection process has been blown wide open as one of the boys fought his way from being out of contention to being very much in contention. It is great to see good fighting spirit.

However, it is not so great for the selectors as now their job is even harder.

Selecting 5 boys out of the 9  will now depend even more on the boys' performance at the tournament next week.

The puzzling question is how the selectors will gauge the boys when they are all playing at different levels of the competition. Some are playing at A Reserve level while others are playing at C level.
Some of the selectors deep in discussion. Do not envy them!


Some of the ever supportive parents with Mark and Kelly from BAWA

The players should all be thankful for the support of their parents. The times they have to spend bringing the players to training, the times spent picking up shuttles for the players at training, all in the name of love for their children.

At the competition next week, the parents are cooking and selling food to the tournament attendees. This is to fund raise to help defray the expenses for the trip to Tasmania.

It is hard being a badminton parent in WA. The lack of funding really hampers the advancement of the players.

The Badminton Association of WA has set up a Junior Development Program to see how the Junior players can be assisted to bring them to the next level. They are having their first meeting at my office next Thursday to brainstorm how the players can be helped. If you would like to help with suggestions or even attend, please drop me a line.

So until I report from the tournament next week, let's hope all the players stay fit and healthy so that they can perform their best next week.

Good night till next week.

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