Saturday, February 23, 2013

Preparation continues for the nationals

Dear readers

The Under 17s team continue with their training in preparation for the nationals. Yuli has been great in giving all the players pointers to improve their game. Kay has been busy fundraising. That is certainly going to be great for the pockets of the parents.

Videos of the team doing footwork practice.

Today, the team competed in the Be Active Kingsway Tournament. All the players are trying their best. They are playing across different categories from Open to B Div.

Yuli was again floating around and encouraging the players. Kay and most of the parents were fundraising in the kitchen.

Amos and Silvi are still in contention for the A Reserve mixed doubles. Likewise Alex and Titus are still in contention.

Titus and Tyzton are still fighting for their A Div doubles. They have to dig deep tomorrow.

Julia and Edward are still in contention for XD B.

Silvi and Julia are also in contention for the B Doubles. Serena Lin is fighting to remain in her B doubles.

Phing is staying strong in her open singles.

Tyz and Phing are struggling in their open mixed and have 2 more games tomorrow.

Alex and Titus have their hands full tomorrow in their MXD A. Kai Jie Teoh has a slim chance of remaining in his B Div singles.

Henry Heng, President Judith and CEO Himanshu

Henry Heng , our sponsor from Refresh Water was kind enough to turn up to support the players. He is contesting for a seat at the Upper House state election and we wish him the best.

The player's health is becoming a concern. Amos was recently hospitalised after suffering some severe stomach issues. Tyzton has been sick for the past 4 days and therefore skipping school. However Tyzton and Amos are great team players and they attended Thursday's training and played in the competition despite not being in the best of health.

Kelly Hoare commented that I was not a responsible parent by allowing Tyzton to compete today despite his health. I can only say, it is up to Tyzton to give his best for the State and he knows when he really needs to rest.

Hopefully, all the players will keep in top fitness in readiness for their trip to Victoria.

The comp continues tomorrow. Night.

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