Sunday, February 24, 2013

Results for the first competition by the Under 17s team

Dear readers

The announcement of the team

It has been a hectic weekend. The Be Active Comp was concluded today. Yours truly, as usual took part in the C and B division Men's double but got no where. My partner Tony Teoh and I did try our best but it was not good enough.

Luckily the Under 17's team did better than the blogger.

The first thing that happened in the morning was that Annie and Toukrei attended with Kay at Whitfords Bunnings to help the Lions Club do a sausage sizzle. Part of the proceeds have been donated to the Under 17s team.

Kay, Annie and TouKrei at the Lion's sausage stand

Kay has been outstanding in her fund raising efforts. Most of the parents have made great effort to contribute their time and effort as it is all in a good cause. The kitchen would probably have made $2000 this weekend.  I should have taken some time to take a picture of the parents helping out at the kitchen. Thanks to Irene, Irma, Mrs Teoh (have to find out her Christian name) Lee, Sam and Susana for their contributions. I hope I have not missed out any names.

We were also assisted by the raffling of another 100% wool blanket donated by Andrew Chai of Victor Sports. If you remember, it was from his winnings from a golf tournament.

The team did very well with all members supporting each other.

Edward and Julia in their doubles

Titus and Alex v Amos and Silvi in their gold and silver match

Phing won her Open gold. Titus and Alex won gold in their A Div Mixed with Amos and Silvi getting the silver making it a clean sweep for the team.

Julia got the silver in Women's B singles with Olivia getting the gold.  Olivia was in the Under 15s team.

Silvi and Julia also won silver in the women's B Div.

Tyzton and Titus had a close fight before winning the gold in the A Men's doubles.

They were playing Veteran Alvin Woo who had already gone for 2 matches of 3 sets in the single's Mens A and B div.  Alvin won the Men's A div but lost to Gavin Chung in the B Div.

Gavin has been training with the Under 17s team after just migrating to Perth.

There were several stoppage of play during Alvin's and Gavin's match as a result of the blood rule. This was because Gavin had blood streaming down his right knee from an old bike injury.

Players need to know this rule:

6. BLOOD RULE: If a player is bleeding, has an open wound, or an excessive amount of blood on his/her uniform the player will be directed to leave the game. The injured player is not to return until the bleeding has stopped, the wound is covered, and the bloody uniform is changed.

Gavin getting his wound dressed by Mark Duxbury
This gave both player's a rest while they recovered their breath especially for Alvin who had earlier played another singles 3 setter.

Gavin maintained his composure to win eventually.

Julia's silver medal

The state team winning gold and silver in the mixed doubles A

Phing's open gold
Silvi and Julia's Silver

Henry from Refresh Waters came in to give the prizes away despite his busy schedule campaigning for the Upper House seat in the state elections.

Tyz and Titus A doubles gold

The winners for the tournament
All in all, it was a good day with Tyzton and Titus winning the A doubles. Titus must be so happy with winning the mens' and mixed doubles capped with being appointed as the team captain. He will make a great captain.  I am sure he will get the team to show respect for the coach and manager throughout the tournament in Victoria. He has to make sure he thanks everyone at training and keep the team in high morale. I am sure he will do a great job.

The next blog will probably be of the Badminton Marathon which will be held at Armadale. Stay tuned as it promises to be an interesting day.


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