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Training on Chinese New year eve

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The Under 17s team are back at training having started their first session last weekend. We did not manage to get the full team last week as several of the players were at camps or still in their home country.

Today's training was well attended. We even had Gavin who is a new migrant from Malaysia. Gavin is 15 and has the chops to make the next state team. He was invited by YuLi to train with the Under 17s team. Kai Chen Teoh, who is 13 was also invited to the training. This will help for Kai Chen's Under 15s campaign.

We were lucky to have  Ryan Lin from Singapore to assist the team. Ryan is doing his Masters thesis in sports science. He organised for the players to do a  Beep test.

Ryan Lin in red participating in the warm up with the team before the Beep test 

The players at the start of the test

What is a beep test?

20m Multistage Fitness Test (Beep Test) Instructions

Instructions | Variations | Calculator | Maximizing | Purchase | References | Videos
The 20m multistage fitness test is a commonly used maximal running aerobic fitness test. It is also known as the 20 meter shuttle run test, beep or bleep test among others. For more information, see the complete guide to the bleep / beep test.
bleep or beep test diagram
  • equipment required: Flat, non-slip surface, marking cones, 20m measuring tape, beep test cd, cd player, recording sheets.
  • procedure: This test involves continuous running between two lines 20m apart in time to recorded beeps. For this reason the test if also often called the 'beep' or 'bleep' test. The test subjects stand behind one of the lines facing the second line, and begin running when instructed by the cd or tape. The speed at the start is quite slow. The subject continues running between the two lines, turning when signaled by the recorded beeps. After about one minute, a sound indicates an increase in speed, and the beeps will be closer together. This continues each minute (level). If the line is not reached in time for each beep, the subject must run to the line turn and try to catch up with the pace within 2 more ‘beeps’. Also, if the line is reached before the beep sounds, the subject must wait until the beep sounds. The test is stopped if the subject fails to reach the line (within 2 meters) for two consecutive ends. There are several versions of the test, but one commonly used version has an initial running velocity of 8.5 km/hr, which increases by 0.5 km/hr each minute. Another version starts at 8.0 km/hr, then up to 9.0 km/hr for level 2 and then increases by 0.5 km/hr (more on test variations, and see Beep test video examples).
  • scoring: The athlete's score is the level and number of shuttles (20m) reached before they were unable to keep up with the recording. Record the last level completed (not necessarily the level stopped at). This norms table below is based on personal experience, and gives you a very rough idea of what level score would be expected for adults, using the standard Australian beep test version. There is a more detailed table of norms for the beep test. This level score can be converted to a VO2max equivalent score using this calculator. You may also wish to download the Beep Test Recording Sheet.

men women
excellent > 13 > 12
very good 11 - 13 10 - 12
good 9 - 11 8 - 10
average 7 - 9 6 - 8
poor 5 - 7 4 - 6
very poor < 5 < 4
  • Beep Test Imagetarget population: this test is suitable for sports teams and school groups, but not for populations in which a maximal exercise test would be contraindicated.
  • validity: The correlation to actual VO2max scores is high (see some of these references). There are published VO2max score equivalents for each level reached, which can be determined using this Beep VO2max Calculator.
  • reliability: The reliability of the beep test would depend on how strictly the test is run and the practice allowed for the subjects. There are also other factors which can affect performance, which need to be controlled if possible. See point below.
  • factors to consider: Although the beep test is primarily a fitness test of the aerobic energy system, there are a range of other factors that can affect performance in the test and are are important to consider. These include: running efficiency and turning technique, anaerobic capacity, motivation and social dynamics, motor skills and cognitive ability (especially in children), environmental differences, clothing and running surfaces, test familiarization and instructions, the purpose and context of testing
  • advantages: Large groups can perform this test all at once for minimal costs. Also, the test continues to maximum effort unlike many other tests of endurance capacity.
  • disadvantages: Practice and motivation levels can influence the score attained, and the scoring can be subjective. As the test is often conducted outside, the environmental conditions can affect the results.

 At the end of the test , Tyzton was the last man standing. This is thanks to his training during the holidays with Nick Kidd. He got 11.2. Amos was 2nd thanks to his China training.

  • Most of the players had overseas training during the school break.

    Amos trained in Dongguan, China. Silvi trained for 1 mth in Indonesia. Her fitness and playing has improved greatly.

    Kai Jie Teoh also had training in Malaysia. He has lost a bit of weight after training in sweltering Malaysia.
All the players look like they are ready to go.

At the end of last week's training, Kay took great  effort to remind the players of the need for manners and to acknowledge their team, manager and coach. What about the umpire?

The players have been told to send thank yous to sponsors.

We are lucky to have Mozart Cafe sponsor the team with the purchase of Refresh water.

Their website is at  

The owner Shen, is a good friend of mine and a golfing mate. Do support their cafe.

Thanks also to Murdoch Pines Driving range for their sponsorship yet again. Their website is at

This is the 2nd time they have sponsored a state team by purchasing Refresh water. Do go and see their great driving range if you are a golfer.

Even Irma Botha purchased some water for her office. Thanks to be sent to her too.

However, we have to know that all the water were provided by Refresh Water. Their website is at

Henry Heng from Refresh Water is also running for the Upper House. His profile is at

Do support him if you are in his  constituency. His company's water sponsorship has been great for the state teams.

We should also thank the Pua brothers for organising delivery of the water. They are always supportive of the state teams.

Kay has done a great job in fund raising. Every cent raised makes it easier for the player's parents.

After the beep test, there was a strength test. Titus, Amos and Tyzton tried to outlast each other. Each player was asking their opponent to give up.  Amos finally won the strength test.

Titus, Amos and Tyz trying to outlast each other
Tyz and Serena v Julia and Edward

It was great for Ryan to organise the test so that the players know where they have to improve.

There were several matches played for the rest of the training session. YuLi is trying to see the best doubles combination. It will be tough finding the right combination.

This is the year of the Snake. Hope it bodes well for the Under 17s team. I have just found out that there are at least 20 teams this year in the comp. This comp will be tough.  There may be 4 teams just from New Zealand.

I am also wondering how the team will be able to cope at the comp re their meals. Apparently only Susanna and Touk Krei will be going. I do not even know if they will be staying with the team.

At the end of the session, Titus thanked the coach , manager and Ryan on behalf of the team. It is great to get the players to say thank you for the team. I think all the players will have to take turns saying thank you till the captain is announced.

Kay asked for high fives from all the players. This could become a Under 17s tradition at the end of training.


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