Thursday, February 6, 2014

The New Year for the Under 17s team

Dear friends and readers

Happy new year to everyone for 2014. Also a great Happy Chinese New year.

Time is flying so quickly and we are already in the 2nd month of 2014.

What has been happening?

Well Tyzton and Jazton were in Beijing training at the Shishahai Sports Academy. They returned in Jan. They trained with the Beijing Province team.

I do not know what the other players have been doing and I am sure they will update me when I see them this Saturday.

Yes, we are back at training this Sat. The difference is that we now have a new addition to the team.

WA would like to welcome Bella Liu who recently migrated to WA from China.  Bella is 14 years old. She was in the province team in China. I have yet to get more info. She is new to the country and her English has to improve for communication. However, speaking to her in Mandarin and watching her demeanor in court, I am sure she will be a real asset to WA and badminton.

For me, the challenge is  to continue fund raising.

Will report again when the team reunites this weekend.


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