Saturday, February 22, 2014

Smarter than Smoking BAWA's first tournament for the year

Dear friends

I was up till 2 am last night preparing the spaghetti bolognaise that I was cooking for my part in the kitchen fund raising in the Smarter Than Smoking Tournament.

The other parents who were in the first shift on Saturday all did their work while laughing and enjoying themselves. New friends were made. Bella's mum did a traditional chinese pork dish. This is the first time the other parents have met Bella's mum. We all made her feel welcomed to the team. It is after all, a team, the players, the parents, manager, coach and now officially the chaperone.

Yes, I have been officially invited to be the chaperone for the team. BAWA has a new policy. If the officials meaning the coach, manager and umpire are all of one sex, then a parent who is attending and who is of the opposite sex will officially be invited as the chaperone.

Well, as you are know, our coach, manager and umpire for the 2014 team are all female. Hence I have been officially asked to be the chaperone. They drafted a new policy just for the position. Being a lawyer, I went through all the terms which I thought was good and acceptable until I reach the part about cooking and laundry.

Doing the cooking on a voluntary basis and helping with the laundry is one thing, but signing on a piece of paper to say you will cook and do laundry is something else. Aiyah, the things we do for our children. I guess I have to sign the agreement sooner or later :)

There is a Hokkien saying " Pou ka liau". Which means, the "do all person". I guess that is what I am signing up for on top of the fund raising.

Yes, I understand the fund raising has been going well. Li Fah, Mary Lou,  Teck Hin and Kian and Olivia's mum all did their bit today.

The other parents will be doing their shift tomorrow.

Kay was busy collecting money and pushing the bicycle raffle which was donated by HiWay Cycle from Vic Park. I think we have raised $1000 from the bike raffle. Good work Kay and the kids.

Every one is doing their part to make the New Zealand trip as painless as possible financially.

The first shift parents. Notice the guy with the coolie towel. A coolie in Singapore terms is a labourer. They usually run around their work place with a towel to wipe off their sweat from their hard work.

The Tan and the Tans

The players have been playing hard in their respective categories.  Some of the players are playing their first matches together. I am not sure of the results yet. Just checked the Tournament Software website but the results are still not updated.

Jasper and Julia vs Geri May and Kai Chen
Bella and Olivier

Edward and Gavin

Did not manage to get a shot of  Sophie who was playing with Matt Teo.

I am still waiting for information as to who won the bike.

Tyzton and Xiang will be back from Melbourne tomorrow.

Finally, my bachelor days for the week is over. Looking forward to the return of my wife and son.

Good night.

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