Saturday, February 8, 2014

Training starts for the new team and the new year

Dear friends

It was a good first training for the full team.

Bella met her fellow team mates for the first time. Kay devised a new strategy for the team to get to know each other better. She made the players sit in 5 different courts as couples so that the players could talk to each other and learn more about their fellow player.

Xiang did not look very comfortable chatting with Bella. Xiang has always been a shy boy. Good idea Kay.

Jasper and Gerimay. They played together in last years Under 15s

Ed and Julia. They were in the Under 17s team last year

Xiang and Bella, watch the body language, come on Xiang!

Tyz and Olivia, they played their first national comp together when they were 12 yrs old.

Gavin and Sophie. This is the first time they are in the same team.

After the introduction, it was down to the proper training.

The day was tough for the players with Yuli making them run 20 laps around the courts. Fitness is the issue that has been identified.

Even the warming down was tough.

Yuli warming up her next group of future stars

I spoke to some of the players. Jasper has been training in Sabah. Gavin has been doing light training in Malaysia too.

Xiang was training in China too. Julia, Geri May and Sophie have been training with Yuli during the holidays.

Kay's instructions to the players are to do physical training whenever possible. That is a good idea as they have to push their bodies during the 6 days of competition.

Good night for now.

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