Sunday, April 12, 2015

More photos from Luna Park

Dear readers

The team had a last day together and it was at Luna Park.

I understand the team has just landed safely in Perth about 40 mins ago.

It is 140 am now on Mon.

I do not know if the players did a thank you video for the coach, manager and Ruth. They should do it to thank them for all the work they have done.

That is the end of the trip for the players.

The most memorable moment for me was Xiang and Bella stepping up to team with Alicia so that Alicia can have a positive experience of winning her doubles match. Big brother and big sis.

All the players have contributed so much and learned so much.

Coach Joe and Manager Donna have also done a great job. Too bad they could not get a bronze medal but , heck,  they surely gave their all together with the players. They should stand proud of what they have achieved.

For many of the players, I am sure this has been a great experience. Xiang and KC brought back the boys doubles gold. They have done WA proud. They won the Under 15s doubles gold and now Under 17s gold. This is historical.  The next doubles gold is the under 19s. They both got ranked well.

SunYee and Jason got the plate. They will have matured as players and will do better in their next national competition.

The WA team came in 4th after a valiant fight.

Bella and Gerimay fought through their physical pain in the team event to give the WA team their best chance for a medal. Too bad, their physical pain was too great for them to win their individual events. They both got ranked though which is great especially as Bella still has next year to play. She will surely be No. 1 next year.

Louise and Alicia will have learned so much from this competition. They will surely continue to represent WA in future state events and do even better.

Jasper, who takes out his shirt in public to show his physique. I saw the scores on his 3 setter games. Great guts. And he nearly did not go because mum and dad were afraid he was injured.  He has given everything for WA. He will be our next star as he gets stronger.

Young coach Joe. He has been a great mentor for the players. I have only met Joe once at my office. However I could sense the sincerity he had and the love for the job he had taken. Hopefully he will continue to be involved with future state teams. We need dedicated and encouraging coaches like Joe. I especially liked his idea of getting the players parents to write a letter to the players and reading them before the games. I know Donna had a few tears.

And what of Donna Dewitt. She did all this out of love for badminton and the young kids. I know how much Donna loves badminton and BAWA. I have played against her. I have seen how she volunteers for badminton. Thank god for players like Donna.

And lastly, thanks need to go to all the parents especially Ruth who traveled with the team. It is not an easy task. I have been there many times. Feeding the team is never easy. Making sure everything is OK is even harder. And the worse thing is, you do not even get a medal if the team wins. Haaahaaaa, I have been there too when WA won bronze and I was only the chaperone.

But hopefully the team appreciates what you have done for them. Make sure these kids say hello to you every time they see you cos you have looked after them like a parent all because of badminton and what you hope the kids can achieve.

This may be the last blog for the Under 17s team. Till I blog again, good night.


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