Friday, April 10, 2015

3rd day of individual events

Dear readers

The players are pushing their bodies to the limit.

On last checking on whats app, these are the latest results:

Xiang went through the semis till he lost out to Keith Mark Edison in 2 sets at 15/21 and 15/21. Xiang must be very tired.

KC went through to round 4 before being dispatched by Janson Trinh 16/21 and 19/21. He has fought a good fight.

Jasper went through to the 2nd round before losing to Jasmanjot Virk in 2 sets. He then went to the 3rd round in the plate.

Jason also lost in the 2nd round in 2 sets to Jared Song. He went to the 3rd round in the plate.

Sun Yee went to the plate and lost in the qtr finals to Quentin Bernaix.

In the girls singles, Louise went to the 3rd round before losing to Rose Xu in 2 sets.

Gerimay went to the 4th round before losing to Jodee Vega in 3 close sets.

Alicia went to the plate.

Bella went to the 4th round losing to Ysabel Say 13/21 and 12/21. Her feet must be swollen.

In the mixed doubles Sun Yee and Louise played Jasper and K Low. Jasper and K Low triumphed and progressed to round   4 before losing to Oscar and C Chang.

Sun Yee and Louise went to the 2nd round of the plate.

KC and Bella went to the qtrs before losing to No. 1 seed Oscar and C Zhang 11/21 and 13/21.

Alicia and J Patridge went to the plate before losing in the 2nd round.

Jason Lee and Gerimay progressed to round 4 losing to K Edison and Sally Fu in 2 sets.

Xiang and Ysabel went to the quarters losing to Keith and Sally Fu 14/21 and 16/21.

In the boys doubles, Jason and Sunyee lost to Oscar and Marcus in round 2. Jasper and Kevin Yin were also dispatched by Oscar and Marcus in the 3rd round.

Jason and Sunyee then went to claim the plate beating Edward Lau and Edward Ma 23/21 and 21/17.

Xiang and KC are in the finals against David Lee and Janson Trinh.  Good luck and hopefully their bodies keep up.

In the girls doubles,  Louis and R Thomas went to the plate.

Bella and Gerimay lost in the 2nd round to Ysabel and Jodee. Poor Bella and Gerimay, they have pushed their bodies to the limit for the team event and could not do more in the individuals.

Alicia and G Perry also went to the plate.

All these players have pushed to the end. Many deserve a good rest and commendation from WA for what they have done at this young age.

They have fought as a team and will have learned lots. Good luck for their badminton future.



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