Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Farewell dinner at the Posa's residence

Dear readers

Had dinner hosted by the Posas again as we are leaving for Perth tomorrow.

Mama and Dada Posa have been great with their hospitality serving us great food and Croatian warmth everytime we visit. Today, we were lucky to share their dinner with the extended family of children and grandchildren.

We were also able to thank Paul and Duchane Posa personally for the the loan of their family car for the whole trip.

It was also great to see Anita and Hugo with their children.

I am told having dinner as an extended family takes place every week at the Posa's residence. What a great tradition that keeps the family together.

We will be returning to Perth tomorrow morning.

The trip would not have been so easy and fun without the Posa's help and hospitality. Hopefully we can return the favour when they visit Perth.

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Location:Queenstown Road,Hillsborough,New Zealand

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