Friday, March 2, 2012

First day of training as a team

Dear readers,

The WA Under 17s team has been selected. The hard work begins to build the team into a strong fighting force.

Under the guidance of YuLi, the coach and Kay, the manager, the first day already looks promising.

The first training session was conducted at All Saints College at Bullcreek. My boys are familiar with the courts as they have been training there for over 1 year with Nick and Himanshu.

The training session started with stretching and warming up.

Warmup properly or you risk injury

YuLi arranged for Donald Chai and Shaun Lee to come in to give the team a hand. We always need to be thankful to all the volunteers who pitch in for no reward other than some tired bodies at the end of training.

Here's a picture of Donald and Shaun. Shaun is always a bit shy. His mum calls him CBB or "Cannot Be Bothered". We are glad he could be bothered to turn up to give the team a hand.

Shy Shaun and Donald, our eveready volunteers

The training session was well organised and everyone was pushed to the limit. YuLi has been trying out various combinations for the doubles games.

I believe the depths of the players is quite strong this time. Most of the players have taken part in National tournaments before. Shelby is the newbie but she looks strong and ready to fight for WA although she has just migrated.

At the end of the training session, YuLi made the team do their footwork training. It is always hard doing footword training at the end of the session as the body is about to give in. Great spirit was shown by the team.

Titus, Edmund doing their footwork.
The girls doing their foot work
Cannot see who it is.

I really need to get a better camera to get the action shots of the players. They just move too fast.

With the level of support and training planning put in by YuLi, I am sure the team stands a good chance at the Nationals.

My boys have been training their doubles game on Wednesday with Paul Kong. I have been Paul's partner for the last 3 weeks. The first week, the boys got 1 set out of 7 sets. I played my best and kept my boys honest.

The next week, the boys got 2 sets out of 7 sets against Paul and myself. They were getting better and pushing my 50 year old body.

Last Wednesday, the boys managed a 4-3 win over Paul and myself.

I could see this coming and I had the foresight to arrange for Martin Wong to turn up for training next week to take my place with Paul.

Planning and delegation is everything one must learn in life.  Martin should give the boys a run for their money. Till tomorrow, here's to my readers enjoying the blog. Night.

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