Saturday, March 2, 2013

Countdown to the tournament

Dear readers

Yes, the days are counting down till the competition in Victoria.

The players have been training hard under the direction of YuLi.

For today's training, we had the assistance of Donald Chai who can always be counted on to help the state teams. New arrival from Malaysia, Daryl Chong also came in to help. Daryl had to take 2 buses to get to Samson. I am sure the team appreciated the effort he took to get there.

The team was again assisted by Gavin and Kai Chen. They have been helping out since the first state training.

Donald, Kai Chen, Daryl and Gavin, our volunteers for the day

Kai Jie and Alex v Gavin and Julia

Kay giving some pointers to Julia and Kai Chen

The player combinations for the "Badminthon" marathon should be almost decided now by Yuli and Kay. Yes, the Badminthon is supposed to take place in 2 week's time at Armadale. It is supposed to be based on the games schedule the players will experience in  the National comp. The players will be playing from 10 am to 10 pm. They will play 2 team matches. One in the morning and one at night against the President's team.

Everyone is welcomed to attend to view the matches. In between matches, the players will have training.

At the end of the training session, the team had a debriefing. Titus, the captain has decided that the team need to do more team bonding. He has decided that there will be a regular debrief after the end of each training session.  That should benefit the team as the earlier they start bonding as a team, the stronger they will be. I am wondering what the team cheer will be this time.

Till the next blog, good night.

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