Saturday, April 21, 2018

The 2nd day of individuals

Dear readers

The 2nd day of  individuals saw lots of excitement and some heart aches.

Janice and her partner Ryan Foo lost to Ethan Chen and Kelly Xu in 2 sets.

Theodore Kang and his partner Yasmin also had to concede against R Audley and M Zhao in 2 sets.

Dawson and his partner G Wilkinson continue their run in the plate beating M Raines and A Wallace in 2 sets.

In singles Hong Yuan continued to dominate after fighting a 3 setter against Ethan Chen who is ranked 3/4.

Aidan also had to bow out after losing to S Konachada who is ranked 2.

Alicia beat Cynthia in 2 sets to continue her run.

Julian lost in 3 sets to P Sousavat. He still has his doubles to fight.

Bernice also moved forward beatring M Zhao in 2 easy sets.

Dawson also had to bow out after a tough 3 setter against Rayne Wang.

Theo and partner Ethan Chen also had to bow out after losing to No. 1 seed, Ricky Tangand Nelson Zhang.

Julian and Hong Yuan progressed to the next round after surviving 3 sets againstS Kochada and P Wang.

Bernice and Angela are also doing well beating N Alijabar and S Li in 2 easy sets.

The Tan twins had to bow out after losing in 2 sets to A Liu and Kelly Xu.

In the plate, Dawson and Aiden beat C Dentonand N Shastri in 2 easy sets to get to the next round.

However Dawson and partner G Wilkinson could not progress in the plate losing to J Naylor and E Chung.

Bernice could not progress in the singles losing to K Xu. Never mind , she can play again next year.

Janice also progress in the plate with a walkover result.

Which means tomorrow brings us closer to the finals and we hold our breath.

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