Monday, April 22, 2019

2nd and 3rd day of individuals

Dear readers

WA's players have not progressed well in the individuals other than for Joanne and Bernice.

Dawson played Thomas Ng and lost in 2 sets.

It looks like most of the boys are going to the plate. The plate finals was a battle between Matthew and Timothy. Matthew beat Jordan Yang in 3 sets, Marlon Kha in 3 sets and Allen Fang in 2 sets before meeting Timothy in the plates finals.

Timothy beat Xenos He, Victor Dang, Ivan Wong and Aaron Tan before getting the plate from Matthew.

In the girls singles:

Bernice beat Starcia Han and Amy Guo easily in 2 sets. She then fought  Kaitlyn Ea in a 3 setter and lost. There goes her Under 17s singles run. She should be ranked top 8.

Likewise Joanne beat P Kustiadi, and Serene Tan before meeting 2nd seed Angela Xu and losing in 2 sets. Angela was the eventual singles champ.

The other girls also did not progress in the plates girls singles.

In the Mixed doubles, Bernice and Gavin Ong beat Forrest Huang and Lily Chen, F Zhao and L Gay, Ben Chen and M Turner before meeting Ricky Tang and K Ea. They lost in 2 sets to the eventual Mixed doubles runner up winners.

Timothy and Joanne beat Austin Chen and Elia Zhao before losing to Benjamin Chen and M Turner in 3 sets.

Dawson and Lily Klein beat J Yang and S Han in 3 sets before losing to Rayne Wang and C Sam.

In the boys doubles:

Timothy and Asher lost to K Richardson and Rayne Wang in 3 sets.

Matthew and Jia Ding beat C Huang and F Huang before losing to K Cappie and J Tan, the eventual plate winners in 3 sets.

In the girls doubles:

Joanne and Bernice tried their best. They beat L Gay and E Zhang in 3 sets. They had an easier game against A Guo and S Tjonadi. However their run was stopped by Carina Sam and Yasmin Say in 3 sets in the semis. They must be heartbroken.

That was the end of the run for the WA team. They have tried their best but had to be content with winning a team bronze.

Good luck to the players in their badminton future.

This is the end of the blog for this year. Good night.


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