Thursday, April 4, 2013

The 2nd day of the individual events

Dear friends and readers

The players continue to test their aching bodies and fight for individual glory.

Silvi progresses in the plate event after winning Sally Woo in 2 sets.  However her run was stopped by Sanoja at 14/21 and 11/21.

She continues in her doubles plate event with Alex tomorrow after winning against S Lee and C Mashalidis. They will play Phing and Sanoja. She is also out of the mixed doubles after being beaten by M Chan and C Koh.

Edward is out of the singles after losing 21/17 and 21/14 to P Ding. Julia and Edward have also been knocked out of the mixed by E Yam and L Rigg after a 3 setter at 21/14, 16/21 and 21/10. He is also out of the doubles with Amos after losing 21/16 and 21/13 to K Patil and J Taing.

Alex beat H Rothery in her first plate singles but is out after being beaten by M Hemanth in 2 sets.

Silvi and her will play Phing and Sanoja in their plate tomorrow.

Titus and Alex will continue with their plate after beating C Koh and Y Say in 2 sets and also P Rao and E Cochran in 3 sets. They play D Owen and Z Peries tomorrow.

Tyz and Titus will continue with their doubles campaign and will play B Hillier and A Qu tomorrow.

Tyz and J Lai had a good start in the morning beating J Taing and A Lorincz in 2 sets. However they are out after meeting A Yu and T Ho in the afternoon and losing in 2 sets.

Tyz had a good win against David Li winning at 21/13 and 22/20. However his run in singles was stopped after losing to B Hillier in a 3 setter.  He won the first at 21/16 but lost the 2nd and 3rd at 19/21 and 15/21. I could feel his pain and disappointment as I spoke to him in the afternoon

He is left with the doubles with Titus tomorrow.

KJ Teoh and Serena are also out of the doubles after losing in 2 sets to M lee and J Almazan. His plate run with Blaga has also ended after meeting P Rao and J Schuler and losing in 2 sets.

Phing continues with her singles run. She meets J Lai tomorrow. She also continues in her plate with Sanoja and will play Silvi and Alex tomorrow.

Serena and Julia are out of the plate. Serena is also out of her plate singles after fighting hard in 3 sets against H Jim.

Amos is also out of the tournament after losing to M Chan and C Koh in the mixed doubles. Ed and Amos also lost to K Patil and J Taing in 2 sets. He has played as well as he can despite nursing a very sore back.

I am sure the players are all nursing sore bodies after 8 days of badminton. I spoke to Kay this morning and she wants all the future team players to have more physical training.

I hope tomorrow will be better for all the players that are still in the hunt. Good night.

Hi Raymond,

Give my best wishes to Tyzton and all the other players who are still playing in the individual event.

Hope they can fight through the pain.


Kind Regards

Himanshu Thacker
Executive Officer

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