Friday, April 5, 2013

The 3rd day of individuals

Dear friends

The campaign of the WA  players have ended today.

Titus and Alex beat D Owen  and A Langley in the morning,
However they lost their plate event to D Choo and LY Khoo at 21/18 and 21/6.

Phing Teo was knocked out of the singles by J Lai at 21/8 and 21/18.

Phing and Sanoja did managed to win the doubles plate event after beating Alex and Silvi along the way.

Tyz and Titus were unable to contain B Hillier and A Qu going down at 21/16 and 21/19.
That means the players are all out of the competition.

WA has to honour them for giving their best for the State.

It is back to the training court for Yuli to find a team that will bring back a medal next year.

Kay has to be persuaded to return as manager on condition that she will not have to worry about dealing with non badminton related issues.

The draw for tomorrow are:

  1.Starting at 11:00 AMGS U17
Joy Lai [1]Australia
AustraliaGrace Ngiam [9/16]

  2.Followed byBS U17
Pun Thepkunhanimit [1]New Zealand
New ZealandBen Hillier [5/8]

  3.Followed byGD U17
Joy Lai [3/4]Australia
Grace NgiamAustralia
New ZealandRowena Devathasan [2]
New ZealandDeborah Yin

  4.Followed byBD U17
Julian LamAustralia
Clive LawAustralia
AustraliaMatthew Chan [5/8]
AustraliaAustin Yu

  5.Followed byXD U17
Julian LamAustralia
Grace NgiamAustralia
AustraliaAustin Yu [3/4]
AustraliaTiffany Ho

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