Saturday, March 1, 2014

We are getting close to leaving for New Zealand

Dear friends

It was a hot day and the players got in early as per Yuli's request. We were all missing Kay but had received her text to everyone to train hard even if she was not there.

The first question asked of the players was whether they had sent their good wishes to Kay for a quick recovery. Suggested penalty was 5 laps. Well, the players all said they had sent their regards. Good team.

I also reminded the team that they had to send thanks to the many sponsors who have helped reduce their parent's expenses. In particular, I told them about Jack LoaYi who has been collecting the bottles of water that are sold to our sponsors Mozart Patisserie, P and P Brothers and Murdoch Pines Driving Range.

Jack has to pick up the bottles in the hot sun from Kingsway and then deliver the bottles to the sponsors.

Yuli had a quick word with the players as she was not very happy with last Thursday's practice. She thought the players were losing focus. Some quick words of encouragement were delivered.

The players then had their time to speak to each other as per Kay's instructions. This time, I told them that I would question them after they had spoken to their team mates. Again the penalty for not knowing the answers to the questions regarding their team mates was a penalty run.

Everyone was questioned and I was impressed that the players did actually find out about their team mates.

We had Sonic, Angie, Daryl and Crystal come in to assist the team. Thanks need to be sent to them.

Crystal, Daryl, Angie and Sonic , our volunteers

Yuli focused on fitness today. The players have to really start getting their fitness up in readiness for 7days of hard competition.

Fitness training

Hopefully Kay will be joining us next Thursday.

Tonight, I am thinking about the menu for feeding the players during the competition.


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