Sunday, March 30, 2014

The President's Cup challenge

Dear friends and readers,

Sorry , I was too tired last night to finish the blog. Here's an update re the President's Cup.

We were grateful for our President's team coming to give the state team a fight. The players were Christine, Donald, Kush, Rupert, Denise, Daphne, Tony, Sarah and Hannah.

The state team did their first good team cheer.

The President's team

Tyz and Donald. Tyz won in 2 sets.

Bella v Christine. Bella won in 2 against an older and less fit opponent.

Julia v Daphne. Julia won in 2 sets.

Sophie v Denise. Sophie won in 2 sets.

The President's Cup

Some of the enthusiastic parents 
Edward v Wailit. Ed won in 2 sets.

Ed and Julia v Lennox and Daphne. Ed and Julia won in 3 sets.

Tony v Jasper. Jasper won in 2 sets.

Xiang v Lennox. Xiang had to fight to win in 3 sets.

GeriMay v Hanna. Geri won in 2 sets.

Julia v Daphne. Julia won in 2 sets.

Xiang and Geri v Donald and Christine. Xiang and Geri won in 2 sets

Gavin and Bella v Hanna and Tony. Gavin and Bella also won in 2 sets.

Kush and Sarah v Tyz and Olivia. Kush and Sarah won after a tough 3 setter.

Young Daphne umpiring

Denise and Rupert v Sophie and Jasper. They won in 2 sets

Jaz coaching the players

Tyz on the floor after winning through a tough 3 setter with Jasper

President Bruce congratulating the State team

Tyz receiving the President's cup

The team de-stressing
As can be seen, the WA team did well to win the cup.There were several close fights.

We were glad to have the company of June, a Life member, Bruce, our president and Judith our last President. 

Andrew and Gillian Chai , the next Under 19s coach and manager were also there to cheer the teams.
All the player's parents were great in helping to make sure that the players and guests were well fed.

Thanks to Kay ad Coach Yuli for organising everything.

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