Thursday, April 20, 2017

The 2nd day of individual events. Who is left standing?

Dear readers

It has been a tough day for the WA players. A few if them have been knocked out of their dreams. However, there are still several fighting on for personal glory.

Boys Singles:

Milain continues his run after beating J Young in 2 easy sets. However , he now faces 1st seed Edward Lau on Friday. We wish him the best.

Jackie Zheng was also not strong enough to fight 5th seed A Jeffrey losing in 2 sets. Jackie will have learned much and should be proud of  his achievement as he is till young.

Ryan's run also ended losing 2 sets to J Fang who is seeded no. 3. He has tried his best and I am sure his parents are proud of how he has played.

Aidan also could not stop top seed Venpin losing in 2 sets. Never, he is still young and will have learned from this experience.

Girls singles:

Anjali met a brick wall against no. 1 seed Z Fung losing in 2 sets. Like Jackie, she still has time to get stronger next year.

Likewise Berniece lost in 3 sets to E Viravong. The 3rd set was so close at 22/20. She must have been in tears. There is nothing to fear as she is still so young. She is our rising star.

Janice gave her all but had to concede to No. 2 seed Amelia in 2 sets. Again, I think she has another year at Under 17s.

Meanwhile Alicia is progressing in the plate and may be in the semis tomorrow.

Katrina is also progressing well in the plate and it may be a WA WA plate final.


Romy and Katrina lost to No. 1 seed Venpin and N Kuhan in 3 very close sets. Again the last set was lost at 22/20. They must be devastated. However, they should also be proud of what they have achieved.

Ryan and Jasmine also could not progress losing in 2 sets to no. 2 seeds J Fang and S Li.

Milain and V He continue to progress beating E Chan and B Aniceto in 3 sets.They face 5th seeds R Audley and A Lowe tomorrow or is it today. Good luck.

Boys D:

Romy and Ryan are fighting all the way. They had a tough 3 sets against R Audley and R Venpin. They face Ryan Chan and E Chan today. This will be a good fight and we wish them all the best.Milain and M Kong are also in the next round beating D Han and D Hocking easily in 2 sets. They face J Donald and J Yin today. They should be able to progress further.

In the pate, Aidan and partner lost in 2 sets and are out of the tournament. Again, Aidan is very young and has a great future ahead of him.

Girls D:

Katrina and S Low have progressed to the quarters in 2 easy sets. They play 3rd seeds L Rose and E Smith of NZ tomorrow. They have their work cut out. Again good luck.

Amelia and Bernice lost to L Rose and E Smith in 2 sets.

Likewise Alicia and K Yang could not progress losing in 2 sets to B Aniceto and E Viravong.

Janice and Jasmine also lost in 2 sets to No. 2 seeds M Chan and V He. That is the end of the game for Janice and Jasmine. They have so much potential but know they have to train harder.

For the players who have seen their tournament end , there is always the future to look forward to.

More training, more sacrifices in the name of badminton. As I said to the parents, better for us to see them in the badminton courts than the law courts.


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