Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The first day of the individual events

Dear readers

The results so far have been mixed.

In the boys singles:

Milain has beaten Gavin Ong in a walkover and faces Jacob Young tomorrow.

Jackie beat MNZ Wen Kai Sim in 2 sets and progresses to the 3rd round. He  must be so pleased.

Ryan Tan beat CNZ Zh Chai in 2 easy sets. He then progressed to the 3rd round after beating SA Chris Koliakkombil in 2 easy sets. He faces 3/4 seeded Joshua Feng tomorrow. Good luck Ryan.

Romy beat SA M Sojan in 2 sets but had to bow out after meeting 5/8 seeded Evan Wong in 3 sets. Good fight Romy.

Aidan Wheller is also doing well beating QLD Kevin Guo in 3 sets. However he faces 2nd seed Ryan Venpin tomorrow. We wish him all the best. I am sure his dad will be giving him a good pep talk tonight.

In the girls singles:

Anjali is in the hunt. She beat MNZ K Hoyt in 2 easy sets. She continued her run winning in 2 sets against ACT's A Souksavat. She faces 1st seed ZecilyFung tomorrow. What a challenge. We wish her all the best.  Can she produce an upset?

Jasmine won her first set against QLD T A Vo after a close first set. However, her run ended after losing to 5th seeded Maggie Chen in 2 sets. Jasmine will continue to improve I am sure.

Alicia Xu went to the plate after losing to Angie Liu in 2 sets.

Berniece is fighting all the way. She beat CNZ's JY Tee in 2 easy sets. She had a 3 setter against Vic's Sabrina Chung after losing the first set. Her dad must be stoked. Lots of phone calls I am sure tonight between daughter and dad re tactics for tomorrow's match against E Viravong. Good luck Berniece, GO GO WA.

Katrina lost to M Almazan in 2 sets and progresses to the plate.

Janice is also on the hunt beating ACT's L Xing in 2 easy sets. She then beat QLD's K Boontaeng in 2 sets. She faces 2nd seeded Amelia Lowe tomorrow. We pray for Janice. Give us your personal best Janice. Mum and dad will be supporting you. I am sure you will bring tears to Dad's eyes again win or lose.

In the MD:

Romy and Kat are doing well. They beat a CNZ pair in 2 easy sets. Then they beat another NZ team in another easy 2 sets. However they face No. 1 seed Venpin andN Kuhanandha tomorrow. Can they cause another upset? Keep in tune.

Berniece and Julian withdrew from the match. No idea why.

Jackie and Janice beat a Tassie pair before losing to a 3rd seeded NZ pair.

Ryan and Jasmine also won their first match against a NZ team before losing to a 3rd seeded NZ pair.

Aidan and Anjali have progressed to the p;ate after losing to a NSW pair.

Milain pairing with Vic He of NSW are seeded 2 and have progressed to the 3rd stage. They face Ethan Chena and B Aniceto tomorrow.

In the BD:

Aidan paired up with D Lawrence and had a bye before losing to C Jong and M Kha in a cloely fought 3 setter. 

Jackie paired with Julian but had to withdraw.

Romy and Ryan are doing well beating a CNZ team in 2 easy sets.

They had a tougher 3 set game against Vic's Audley and Venpin. Well done boys. Keep fighting tomorrow against R Chan and Ethan Chan.  

 Milain has partnered M Kong of Vic. They progress to the 3rd stage  easily as they are the 2nd seed.

In the GD:

Katrina is partnering NSW S Low. They are doing well progressing to the 3rd round after beating a MNZ team in 3 sets. They then beat a CNZ team in 2 easy sets. Tomorrow they face 3rd seed, Rose and Smith. Let's hope for the best.

Alicia partnered Vic's K Yang and lost to B Aniceto and E Viravong. They go to the plate.

Jasmine and Janice had an easy win against their opponent in the first stage but lost to 2nd seeded M Chan and Vic He in 2 sets.

We wish all the players good luck today as it is 2 am now.

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