Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The 3rd and final day of the tournament

Dear readers

The 3rd day did not bring much glory to the WA players other than Milain who progressed to the finals in the BD and MD.

He lost his singles to Edward Lau in 2 sets just reaching 10 pts showing the difference in their level. Edward progressed to win the title against J Feng in 2 low sets too.

Katrina could not progress further in the plate final. Alicia went to the finals of the plate but lost to Kelly Xu in 2 sets.

Milain and V He won the semis against M Kong and Z Fung but then met brick wall Edward and M Chan in a 3 sets finals that was so close that the final set was 22-20. It could have been any one's match.

In the BD, Ryan and Romy went against Milain and M KOngbut lost in 2 sets. Milain and M KOng then played against J Feng and Edward losing in 2 sets.

Edward from NZ has tripled crowned just like K C Teoh last year. His parents must be so proud.

In the GD, Katrina's run with S Low ended after losing to Lily Rose and E Smith in 2 sets.

Well, that is the end of the tournament for all the players.

I am sure the players have learned much from this experience. Will they continue to play for WA? We wish them the best. The sacrifice from the players and the parents must be noted.

After the tournament, the players finally managed to get a relaxing day before flying safely back to Perth.

Well, that is the end of the 2017 team blog. Till next year.


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