Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2nd day of the individuals

Dear friends and readers

The day started with some issue re the coach's decision to limit the player's time in the hall to reduce their ability to run around and socialise.

The comments from the coach, was that if the parents entrust her to coach the players and to bring them to Tassie, they should let her carry on with the job instead of getting involved. She is right. Kay and YuLi have done a sterling job managing the team.

Amos had his first game beating Gael Leconte easily  at 21/17 and 21/9.

Titus lost to 5/8 player Raymond Ke 14/21 and 12/21. That is the end of his singles run  but he should be proud that he has done so well against all these older players.

Edmund remains in the hunt by beating Arghit Phogat 21/14 and 21/12.

Shelby played well and beat her opponent Althea Suthya 21/15, 20/22 and 21/10. She was upset that she allowed the other player to win the 2nd set making her play a 3rd set.

Phing beat S Fan 21/14 and 21/18. She had more than sufficient time to warm up.

Jaz and Tyz tried their best but could not contain Ray Sing ad Anthony Wong who are ranked 5/8. The first set was lost at 22/24 when the deauce position changed a couple of times. The 2nd set was 21/18 to Jaz and Tyz after some great smashes and shot placement.  The 3rd set was 18/21 but they were so close. That is the end of their doubles dream for which they have been working hard on for the last few mths.

Ed and Amos also lost to William Liang and Jonathan Sha 21/17 and 21/17.

Jaz and Alice Wu beat David Li and Malvicka Hemanth in 2 sets.

I think Alex and Silvi have also lost their singles run as I had to leave before their game ended. Some of the players are back at the apartment for rest and negative socialising.

Titus lost to Raymond Ke  21/14 and 21/12.

Edmund beat Phogat 21/14 and 21/12.

Shelby beat Maysell Downey 21/4 and 21/13.

Phing beat Sirina fan 21/14 and 21/18. Lily Rigg and Rudy Rigg beat Silvi and Alex 19/21, 21/16 and 21/17.

Jennifer Tham and Phing beat R Ainsley and Downey 21/9 and 21/6.

Jaz and Alice Wu beat  David Li and M Hemanth 23/21 and 21/16.

Amos and Phing beat Huaidong and Sylvia Low 21/18 and 21/15.

Ed and Silvi beat Jouanet and Yagues 21/8 and 21/12.

Kevin Zhang beat Jaz 21/9 and 21/12.

Silvi beat H Rothery 21/17 and 21/12 and then Claire 21/16 and 21/13.

Amos lost to Raymond Sing 21/7 , 10/21 and 21/16.

Phing beat Tiffany 16/21, 21/16 and 21/14.

Tyz and Lily Rigg remain in the plate beating Varghese and Hibbard Nitz 21/13 and 21/10.

Jaz and Alice Wu lost to Johnathan Siu and Sirina Fan 14/21, 21/11 and 21/13.

Amos and Phing beat Daniel Choo and Lee Yen Khoo  17/21, 21/12 and 21/14.

Gavin Ho beat Ed 13/21, 21/5 and 21/11.

Ed and Silvi lost to Daniel Lee and Rayna Philips 21/9 and 21/12.

Shelby and Sam Turner beat Duhig and T Lawrence 21/12 and 21/13.

Titus and Alex beat Blaga and Suthya 21/2 and 21/8.

That means the only players having a game tomorrow are:

Phing and Amos,
Tyz and Titus.

Phing and Amos v SA
T n  T re Ray Sing and A Wong

I was finally asked to drive the players today. Unfortunately, I have been so used to using my Q7 and it's parking sensors, I scratched the side of the coach. I have to find the right time to inform the manager.

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