Thursday, April 12, 2012

3rd day of individual events

Dear friends and readers

Just got to the stadium.

Phing is playing the quarters. Both sides have won 1 set. Phing is now trailing 10/15. Now down 10/16. Alice Wu is back to her screaming self again. Phing just got 1 pt back after a drop.

Alice hits the net and loses another pt.

Alice does a drop  which Phing is unable to reach. Phing gets back to 17/13  with a good drop that Alice crosses out.

Phing gets to 14/17 after Alice serves out.

Phing just serves out too. Phing gets back a pt to 15/19.

A serve is returned to the net by Alice.

Phing gets back another pt to 17/19.

Alice reaches 20. Phing loses 17/21 when her  return is smashed.  She has tried her best but got beaten.
Her score is 14/21, 21/19 and 21/17.

Titus has also lost his plate doubles in 2 sets.

Silvi lost her plate singles at 21/15 and 21/18.

Looks like we only have Amos and Phing left in the main draw for the mixed doubles and Phing for the girls doubles. Titus, Alex and Tyz are still in the mixed doubles plate event.

Phing and Jennifer Tham have just stepped in the court for the girls doubles.

They are up 17/11 on the first set.  They win the first at 21/13. However they could not keep up and lost the 2nd at 21/16 and the 3rd at 21/19.

Shelby and Sam managed a 18/21, 21/17 and 21/15 win against K Stratton and B Ferguson.

Tyz and Lily Rigg also survived a 3 setter to win E Kristic and Jo Liu 21/19, 19/21 and 24/22.

Titus and Alex won J Chin and J Wu 21/14 and 21/13 in easy sets.

They then played Shelby and Sam beating them 15/21, 21/10 and 21/18. Titus's mum was screaming at them for losing the first set with their mistakes.

Amos and Phing also survived a 3 setter against Simon Leung and C Blaga at 16/21, 21/10 and 21/18. The score does not show that at the 3rd set they were down 1/11 and then 15/1 before climbing to victory.

Tyz and L Rigg again survived a 3 setter to win 21/19, 13/21 and 21/19 coming from behind.

They now have to play Titus and Alex in the plate semis.

Tyz and Titus with their partners are now playing their semis. Yuli is unable to assist. However, Tyz is being helped by Rigg's Victorian coach. They reach 11/7 first.

Pretty Rigg is holding up at the net and they get to 14/8.  They have lost a few pts and are now at 14/15. Alex does a smash and they equalise. They are close at 16/17.  Tyz is down 18/19.  Tyz loses the first set at 21/18.

Amos and Phing now have a fight against Guda and Tham.

Amos and Phing also lose ther semi final fight to Guda and Tham.

Titus and Alex also lose their plate finals to Eddie Luk and Au in 3 sets.

Alex and Titus in the plate finals

So that was the end of the journey for all the WA players.

We have not won any individual medals. Phing and Amos may still be ranked.

The rest of the team were I am sure disappointed.

Yu Li has done a great job getting as much as possible from all these young players.

Kay has been stern and fair in managing the team. We need to thank both of them for their contribution and dedication to the team.

The team has no games tomorrow and will visit the famous Salamanca markets and perhaps Mount Wellington.

There was enough in the budget for some Italian tonight.

Phing was ranked 5th overall in the tournament. No other WA players were ranked.

The kids have given their all and played above their weight and skills. Although coming only 5th in the team event, we have to remember that there were other teams including New Zealand and New Caledonia to contend with. This was more than just an Australian Nationals.

Some of the boys were disappointed that they were not ranked. Well Northern New Zealand's players who are all about 16 years old, took at least 3 spots in the top 10 leaving 7 spots for Australians to be ranked. Well, maybe next year.

The team and parents at Italian
Battle wounds

More battle wounds
More wounds, should we sue?

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Good job. Salute parental support for the sport.