Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last night with the team

The last night of the team being together was quite special. The players were brought to a golf putting course where they also had nibbles. The parents went to have dinner at Blue Skies which is quite a good restaurant at the wharf.

Dinner was good as we managed to sit with Geraldine Brown, president of Badminton Australia and Lasse Bundgard, Australia's head coach. I was able to question them about the state of badminton and the difference between the different states in terms of funding and training. Suffice to say that WA is disadvantaged because Victoria has been selected as the main location for training.

Judy , our BAWA president was also at the table and she was most complimentary of how the players had performed.

 At the end of dinner, I went to pick up the players. There were tears all over as the players were saying good bye to each other. One of the most tear affected was Janet Son. 

When we returned to the hostel, the players surprised the coach and manager with some presents they had picked up at Salamanca markets. They were given wood carved roller pens bought specially by the players. Edmund and Silvi also added a personal touch by baking a cake to thank all the parents.

I am still in the process of loading the interviews as it is quite time consuming.

These are a great bunch of kids and the parents should all be proud of their achievements.   

My family together with Irene and Titus will be spending 3 extra days in Hobart. Till I blog again, good bye.

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