Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First day of the individual comp

Dear friends and readers,

We had a late night celebrating the end of the team event. Pizzas and KFC as a treat.

The draws are out.

Silvi and Alex are playing Wynne Chen and Nicolle Min at 2.30 pm..

Shelby is partnering a Tassie girl called Kate Criggie and playing  Tiff Ho and Janet Son who are ranked 5/8.

Phing is partnering Jennifer Tam and they are ranked 3/4. They will play Siobhan Dang and Claudia Lam at 2.30 pm today.

Jaz and Tyz are playing Justin Lee and Huai Dong Tang from NSW  at 1.30 pm.

Edmund and Amos Yi are ranked 3/4 and will play Raymond Venus and Bowen Virawong at 2 pm.

Titus and Eddie Luk of Vic are playing Ray Sing and Anthony Wong who are ranked 5/8.

Amos Yi is ranked 5/8 and has just won Enoch Chiu of NSW in 2 sets coming from behind.

Tyz just played Scott Russell of CNZ and also won in 2 sets. He will play David Liang of NNZ next.

Titus just won his first game at 21/3 and the 2nd at 21/6 against Joshua Partridge.

Ed is ranked 9/16 and will play Thomas Bezier of NC at 10.30 am. He just finished 21/6 and 21/14.

Jaz's first match is at 11 against Matthew Lee of NSW.

Shelby is ranked 5/8 and will play Dinithi Lissarrague of NC at 12 pm.

Silvi is playing Joy Lai who is ranked at 3/4 at12 pm.

Alex will play Rayna Philips of NNZ who is ranked at  5/8.

Phing is ranked 5/8 and will play Daisy Ferguson  of TAS at 1 pm.

Jaz and Tyz are both out of the singles after losing in 2 sets to their opponents. I was pleased to watch them give everything they have and fighting for each point. They both came close to equalising their game for a 3 setter but could not get there. Jaz lost 21/16 and 21/19 to Matthew Lee. Tyz lost 21/12 and 21/17 to David Liang.

Shelby has progressed to the next stage after an easy win against her opponent Bowatte at 21/7 and 21/11.

Silvi is out.of the singles after hitting a wall called Joy Lai.

Alex is also out after losing to her ranked NNZ opponent.

Amos won easily against Enoch Chiu at 21/12 ad 21/18.

Phing also had an easy game against Daisy Ferguson of Tas beating her in 2 easy sets at 21/4 and 21/5.

Jaz and Tyz played their first doubles. They won the first set after coming from behind winning 21/16. They lost the  2nd set at 16/21 after losing concentration. The 3rd set was close and they were behind until point 11. They then caught up and finished the game with a win at  21/14.

Titus was playing his first doubles with Eric Luk from  Victoria against another Victorian pair. He managed to get to 3 sets but could not capitalise on his 2 point lead finally losing after 2 deuces. They won the first at 21/19 but lost the 2nd at 21/16 and the 3rd at 24/22.

Edmund and Amos also won their doubles games at 21/10 and 2/10 against Venus and Viravong.

Alex went down 21/13 and 21/4 to Rayna Philips who is ranked 5/8.

Silvi and Alex did well to win Wynne Chen and Nicolle Min at 17/21, 22/20 and 21/13.

Shelby and her new partner  Kate Criggie  lost to Tiff Ho and Janet Son who are ranked 5/8.

Phing and Jennifer Tam easily beat Dang and C Lam at 21/3 and 21/9.

Jaz and Tyz had another easy doubles winning Duhig and Lush Saunders 21/7 and 21/6.

Jaz and Alice Wu also tried out their new partnership winning against H Perham and Agulto at 21/8 and 21/10. They are experimenting with mixed doubles and doubles formation. I think they should stick to mixed doubles.

Amos and Phing who are ranked 3/4 beat WK Chan and Borchet 21/4 and 21/6 easily.

Shelby tried out a new mixed doubles partner but lost with S Turner at 21/14 and 21/19.

Tyz and his new partner Rigg lost 21/15 and 21/17. Tyz and Shelby will go to the plate.

Ed and Silvi did well to beat J Tan and Daniele Skarrot 21/11 and 21/8.

We all came back to a dinner cooked by Ed's parents. It was a good dinner and everyone enjoyed everything leaving nothing.

Annie and I went shopping for more lunch stuff. The canteen charges us $1 for hot water to put into our instant noodles cups. Well, they have to make a living.

Dinner and lunch has been thought out between Touk Krei and myself.

The players were given a lecture tonight about focusing on their games instead of flirting around socialising. I agree that they should avoid floating around from teams to teams chatting up the other players. Perhaps they will take heed tomorrow.

Tyz getting a muscle massage from YuLi, the coach mother.
The rock tape expert at work on Jaz who is in pain.

The whole team in a bed. This is how we save  on accommodation cost.

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