Saturday, March 3, 2012

2nd day of training

Dear readers and parents,

Today was another good day for the team. They were joined by Michael Chiang, Donald Chai, Eddie Hung and Shaun Lee  to give the team some added competition. Daniel Xu and I were also drafted in to play against Phing and Silvi.

The training session are always well organised by YuLi. Bringing all the extra players into training is great for the team experience.

Michael Chiang, Shaun, Ray, Donald, Eddie and Daniel

While sitting and chatting with the Milne's I found out that I had missed reporting on the girl's results at the Be Active Competition. I do apologise. So the blog will be updated. Shelby was first , Silvi 2nd and Alex 3rd in the B division singles.

BTW, I am not infallible. If I have not said something that should be said, the readers can always make a comment. And I do encourage the readers to do that. I also encourage the readers to facebook this blog.

Coming back to the training, I was surprised to find a Malaysian player also joining in.

Who is this Jimmy Tay from Johor?

For the uninitiated, most players that take part at these national competitions like to swap T shirts at the end of the tournament. That is why sometimes, you see our State players wearing a T shirt with another player's name, state or country.

I still remember the Under 15s in 2010 when my 2 boys participated. That was a comp where the parents paid for everything including uniforms. So, 2 sons playing in the team was not a cheap affair.

Anyway, the boys were asking me whether they could swap their T shirts with the other state players. My answer was, basic economics. Supply and demand. The NSW and Vic teams had more players than the WA team. Therefore the exchange rate should be 2 T shirts of theirs for one of ours. Gee, I mean , the parents paid for the T shirts. I am pleased to say that the market rate was set favourably for WA players.
Eddie sparring with Amos

YuLi giving the girls some tips

The team ending the training with stretches and sprints

At the end of the training, Captain Edmund thanked the coach, manager and all the parents for the day of training.

It is so easy to forget to thank all the people who are involved in the Under 17s  team. YuLi has sacrificed quite a lot of time and also income in coaching the team.  We all have to thank her for that.

This is the first time she is coaching a state team. There are lots of talented and selfless coaches in WA. We are all so grateful that they have been able to sacrifice their time and money for the good of the state. And all because they enjoy the sport of badminton and wish the best for our children.

I was speaking to the Milnes today and they informed me that tha draw has already been done for the team competition at Tasmania. We are in Box A playing against NSW's No. 1 team and Tasmania. It will be a hard slog as the winner will go to the next stage to fight for 1-4 spot. There are 4 Boxes with a team from New Caledonia. Who are they?

The excitement mounts even tho the comp starts in April.

Till the next blog. Good night.

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