Saturday, March 24, 2012

The team goes behind closed doors

Dear friends and readers,

You might be wondering why I have not been updating the blog and reporting on the team training. Well, there has been a parent blockout for the forseeable future when the team goes into training. Apparently, the team has not been able to bond as well as expected. Perhaps it was the constant hovering of the doting parents that has resulted in this blockout.

I am sure it is as disappointing for the other parents as it is for me. We love our boys so much that we like to see them progress at every stage of the training and competition.

This Saturday, I had to drop the boys at Samson with the missus as she is helping with the umpiring.

I had to drive around for 2 hrs before returning to Samson.

On arrival, I was invited into the courts by YuLi  instead of waiting outside.

YuLi had been very busy with her coaching.  She had organised quite a few players to give the team a challenge. YuLi has trained so many players in WA that she can easily muster extra hands to help her.

I was asked by YuLi to thank the players in my blog as the Captain did not manage to thank every one at the end of the game.

The team and YuLi would therefore like to thank the following players who gave their time to give the team a challenge:

(a) Donald Chai
(b) Rachel Cheng
(c)  Benedict Xu
(d) Amy Lee
(e) Darren Soon
(f) Cynthia Tam
(g) Michelle (have to check her surname)
(h) Eddie Hung
(i) Angie Yang

Angie Yang is actually YuLi's daughter who plays off a scratch handicap at golf much to my envy.

Most of the other players are also ex state players. The team is lucky that these ex state players are willing to turn up during a weekend to help the team.

Tyzton and Shelby against ???? gee, I really need a better camera!!!

This must be Michael and Michelle v Phing and Jaz

Benedict and Rachel v Titus and Silvi

Coming back to the games. Apparently the team did not win as many games as the coach had wished. However, YuLi was happy that they were more serious in their games and had improved as a whole. Her comments were that the parent blockout was necessary as the players treated the training more like a social than a team building event when the parents are around. She is right, as the results were significantly better.

At the end of the game, I had to bring Amos and Titus back with the family as they are staying over for the weekend. We brought them for dinner with ToukKreei (Amos's mum) so that we could discuss how they had done for the day. Unfortunately Yu Li was unable to join the family.

There are only 2 more training sessions before the team leaves for Tasmania. Are they ready?

On Sunday, Tyzton had an extra training with his personal coach Paul Kong. Jazton was unable to train with his personal coach Nick Kidd as he was feeling the strain on his knees. He was however well enough to have a few doubles games with his brother.

Paul arranged for Chai, Anthony and Lee to challenge my boys. It  was a good day as my boys put up a good fight and won a few games.

It has been decided that Paul will organise a last training session for my boys. Paul actually train Edmund and Amos too on Sundays. Since Amos and Edmund are staying over again next week, we have also invited Titus to stay over. That means the whole State team boys will be staying at my home next week ready for a final training session organised by Paul for next Sunday. Man, that is dedication for the players.

Sorry to Annie who has to organise breakfast next Sunday for the boys.

Good night.


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