Thursday, March 8, 2012

The team get their uniforms sponsored by Li Ning

Dear readers and parents

Judith Cousins the president of BAWA attended today to present the WA Under 17s team with their uniforms sponsored by Li Ning. The players especially Shelby, Alexandra, and Titus must have been excited as this is the first time they have received  a sponsored uniform from Li Ning. Alexandra and Titus did play in the Under 15s team in 2010 but they had to buy their uniforms as there was no sponsors yet. Thank you Li Ning. Can we hope for more from Li Ning?

The players should be proud that they are wearing the gold state colours of WA. Gold is always striking as a colour compared to boring white for Victoria and blue for New South Wales. That is why their players love to trade our uniforms.

President Judith presenting the uniforms to the players and officials at All Saints

Sadly, I have yet to recieve a state uniform even though my wife as an umpire has received one. I am supposed to be the team driver cum cook for Tasmania but unfortunately no uniforms. Sigh!!! Irene, I am sure you know what I mean. Irene who is Titus's mum will be helping in the kitchen (maybe managing and not helping) during the Tasmanian trip.

For my sons Tyzton and Jazton, these are their 3rd state uniforms.

I am sure the players will honour the state colours with their performances.

After the presentation, it was back to training. John Botha and I were tasked to train Alex and Silvi. They did great work on learning to smash and intercept crosses. They are getting stronger as a doubles pair.

For the last 2 sessions, John , myself and Daniel Xu have been drafted to play against the State team. We try our best.

Today, Benedict Xu, who is the elder brother of Captain Edmund Xu also turned up to give a hand. Thanks to the volunteers including may I say, myself?

At the end of the session, the players were asked to do skipping exercises. Some did better than others and Judith was concerned that the players should be better skippers. Maybe we should have asked Judith for a demo.

Skipping girls all the way to Tassie

Amos and Tyz skipping unco-ordinated

Next week will be interesting as a game has been organised for the team to play another team of volunteers. Heres to the next blog.

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