Saturday, March 17, 2012

The team play against Perth Badminton Club

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We had YuLi organise a competition setting for the team to play against Perth Badminton Club.

This was to see how the players would cope on a tournament setting.

Of course all the players from the Perth Badminton Club are much older than the Under 17s team.

Manager Kay addressing the players
The state team sans umpire Annie

Here are the Perth Badminton Club players and the State team.

The state team with Perth Badminton Club players

We need to thank the following players for giving their time to provide the State team with a dry run.

Unfortunately I do not know the names to all the faces but the players were:

Tom Lim, Martin Wong, Katherine Ong (State player), Eunice Lee (State player) Beth Hollett, Cynthia Tam (State player), Teck Lim, Alan Lam, Benjamin Yan.

 The final score was about 5 games to the State team and about 9 games to the challengers.

It was not a good start for the State team but they were fighting against strong and experienced players.

Silvi against Eunice

Shelby v Beth

Silvi and Jaz

Martin Wong v Titus Tan

This experience will help them understand what they have to improve on. Their games are good, but they all have to improve on their mental games.

Teri Milne, learning the ropes re recording of scores. She should be doing an umpire course next or she might run out of liquid paper.

The team had their first team huddle with the chant:

The team's first huddle
The team chant:

Who are we: We are the best:
What are going to do: Beat the rest:
Where are we from: From the West:

They need a bit of work on that.

This has been an interesting dry run for the team and the coach. The placing of each player in their specific category is a real art as the placement could make a difference between winning and losing.

There is still lots of work for the team to bond and gel into a strong fighting force. They did their best today against a stronger team. Although they lost, this experience will help them become stronger for the national competition.

Till the next blog. Good night.

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