Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last day of official training

Dear friends and readers,

Today was another closed day of training for the team. The parents were told that the closed training worked so well that in future, all team training will be "closed doors". What does that do for the parents???
The last day of training went well and all the players I am told are raring to go.

I just managed to catch the end of the training and their team huddle.

The boys all went back with us for dinner as they are all staying over at the Tan's.

It is a good thing I have a 7 seater.

The boys cramped in the back of the Audi Q7

The boys posing (too bad about the light and the camera)

The boys watching a movie

Dinner was at Yummy House and they nearly broke the bank. After dinner, I got the boys to do interviews for the blog.

Here is their video interview.

(Note: still trying to upload the video)

The missus will have to prepare breakfast for 5 hungry boys tomorrow.

Paul Kong who is the personal coach of Tyzton, Edmund and Amos has organised some players to turn up tomorrow for a last session. Titus and Jaz have been invited to make up the numbers.

It should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. The boys are all asleep now. Tasmania awaits.

The question is whether they have a medal chance? I think they do. Positive thinking has to be reinforced on all the players.

In Buddha's words, "You are what you think you are".

There was also a bit of good news when the team found out that Phing has been selected to represent Australia for the Pan Pacific Games. Good on her.

Hopefully some of the boys will also get to represent Australia in the future. It is all down to hard work and M and F Funding.

For me, my current concerns are how to cook for the team when we are at Tasmania. I will need to speak to Irene Tan to get a game plan.

Good night for now till I blog after the team's arrival in Tasmania.

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