Sunday, April 6, 2014

BAWA Be Active Autumn Tournament

Dear readers,

It has been quite a tiring weekend for the Under 17s team as they all had to take part in the Be Active Autumn Tournament organised by BAWA.

I was not able to attend as I had other engagements including golf on Sunday. I was told that it has been an interesting tournament.

Here are some photos taken by Kian, Li Fah and  Teck Hin.

The Under 17s boys with child prodigy Johnny Kok as mascot.

The Under 17s team being presented, coach Yuli missing.

Are these not good looking boys?
The results are:

Open Mens singles:   Gavin Runner up and Xiang 3rd place.

Open Mens doubles: Xiang and Tyz champs after beating  much older Daniel Fan and Andtrew Belcher in 3 sets.

Open Women's singles: Bella 2nd with Olivia 3rd. These girls both took a set off Phing showing that they are up and coming champs.

Open Womens doubles: Bella and Julia 3rd.

Open Mix doubles: Xiang and Gerimay 3rd

Mens doubles A: Jasper and Kai Chen 2nd

Womens Singles B: Sophie Leonard

Good work team as we begin the countdown to leaving for New Zealand. Many of the team are playing in the Open grade against much older and stronger players. This bodes well for the team for the New Zealand challenge.

I understand Jasper lost out on a finals singles spot because Edmund and Jazton failed to turn up to play in their pool. Never mind, Jasper, you will have lots more chances to shine.

I am very pleased that this team is becoming a very cohesive team with everyone supporting each other and enjoying each other's company. Even the boys are all learning to communicate more in Mandarin  to accommodate new arrival Bella. Bella is also trying her best to communicate with the other girls in her quickly improving English.  I am sure Kay and Yuli enjoy managing and coaching this team much more than in their previous experience.

Good night.

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